Greater Pacific – Incandescent

Greater Pacific’s previous release on Yer Bird was a six track EP that made a lasting impression on this listener and the bands debut full length release looks set do do the same, the winning formula delivered by Rainfall is tweaked and tuned to light up Incandescent creating an album that cast’s a warm glow over the Americana genre, not the first time I’ve made seasonal comparisons on albums but I’ll not let that stop me – the album does fit the mood of a waning summer ebbing into the dappled light and colours of autumn, I’ve road tested this a few times over the last couple of weeks listening to this album over a beer or two and watching sun the disappear over the horizon and it’s a perfect companion.

Daylight “the orange of the sky it blankets your eyes, it’s over, its over…….”

Greater Pacific – Daylight

Available to download from today through Bandcamp.

White Pines – Plume of Ash EP

Following on from the excellent début The Falls, Joseph Scott’s White Pines are back with another atmospheric multifaceted piece of folk in the form of a five track release through Yer Bird Records, the EP Plume of Ash was recorded during two weeks of solitude at Scott’s city home and draws inspiration from his experiences living and teaching art to the profoundly disabled in Akron OH – the vista of urban decay counterbalanced by the elemental human joy borne from artistic endeavour.

The lead track Bluebird is a wonderful piece of music and one of my favourite tracks of 2012 so far – you can listen below to both the EP version and a downloadable ‘demo’ of the track below, the EP is released today and you can get your hands on a copy at Yer Bird Records Bandcamp page.

White Pines – “Bluebird” by Yer Bird Records

White Pines – “Bluebird (Original Demo)” by Yer Bird Records

Ghosts I’ve Met – From a Spark

Ghosts I've Met

Wonderfully laid back melancholic indie-folk from Ghosts I’ve Met, led by singer-songwriter Sam Watts this is the debut long player from the band centred around Watts, who calls on a revolving cast of talent for support on his recordings – on this album contributions come from Jenna Conrad (Damien Jurardo, Pearly Gate Music), Faustine Hudson (Pearly Gate Music), Bill Patton (J. Tillman, Pearly Gate Music), Anne Marie Ruljancich (Jesse Sykes, The Shins), Seth Warren (Damien Jurardo, Red Stars Theory), Brittain Ashford (Brittain Ashford) and Ben Blankenship (Modest Mouse).

Best enjoyed in the twilight hours, let the reflective songs delivered by Watt’s plaintive vocal wash over you and work their magic, an accomplished and endlessly listenable album.

Ghosts I’ve Met – “Blackwoods” by Yer Bird Records


More Ghosts I’ve Met at KEXP

If you like what you hear be sure to check out the debut EP Payphone Patience at Yer Bird, here’s the title track to whet the appetite.Ghosts I’ve Met – Payphone Patience

Greater Pacific “Rainfall” (Yer Bird 2011)


One of my favourite albums of the last twelve months was the superb Two States and The Blindness That Follows by Travel By Sea, this EP from Greater Pacific features a trio of guys from Travel By Sea, Kyle Kersten’s vocal is instantly recognisable, John Phinney’s aching steel envelops the tracks and Mike Cusick keeps times on the drums, so there’s a certain familiarity here and fans of Two States and The Blindness That Follows will love this EP.

Greater Pacific – Rainfall – Distance

New elements are added with some lovely harmony vocal from Angela Correa and use of some studio sound trickery creating a great piece of work that leaves you wishing there was more, the six track digital EP is out on Yer Bird Records, January 25th, 2011, go get it.


Yer Bird

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