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25   Daniel Romano – If I’ve Only One Time Askin’


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24   John Moreland – High on Tulsa Heat


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23   Joey Kneiser – The Wildness


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22   Dave Rawlings Machine – Nashville Obsolete


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21   Michael Rank & Stag – Horsehair

horsehair cover.indd

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20   The Barker Band – The Land We Hold Dear

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19   The Decemberists – What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World


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18   The Unthanks – Mount The Air


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17    M Lockwood Porter – 27


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16   Eilen Jewell – Sundown Over Ghost Town


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15   Vanessa Peters – with the Sentimentals

Vanessa Peters - 'With The Sentimentals' - cover (300dpi)

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14   Lindi Ortega – Faded Gloryville


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13   Kristin Diable – Create Your Own Mythology

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12   Emily Barker – The Toerag Sessions


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11   Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – Expatriot 


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10   Frankie Lee – American Dreamer

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9   Lucero – All A Man Should Do


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8   Kathryn Williams – Hypoxia 

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7   Lilly Hiatt – Royal Blue

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6   American Aquarium – Wolves 


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Vanessa Peters – Fan Club

Vanessa Peters

Perusers of Beat Surrenders will (I hope) have stumbled across the name Vanessa Peters a few times, now maybe you were tempted to buy a CD or a download, maybe you’d made a note to follow-up but never got around to it, well now’s you’re chance to get Vanessa’s entire back catalogue for $20, and what’s more by signing up to her fan club you get a whole host of bonus content. Those of you of a certain age may recall writing a note and posting it with a post-office money order for a few pounds to join your favourite bands fan-club, then waiting patiently for a fanzine to arrive, maybe it was a flex-disc or an exclusive signed photo – apologies for dragging you down my memory lane there – back to the future and the point of this post, this is how Vanessa’s fan club works:

You click here, which will take you over to Bandcamp where you can subscribe for an annual fee, in exchange you get Vanessa’s entire back catalog digitally, plus all sorts of exclusives, videos, perks, and new music ahead of the formal release – at all subscription levels you get access to unreleased demos, subscriber-only bonus songs, all future albums via Bandcamp as long as you are a subscriber and a postcard on your birthday – and you get that warm fuzzy feeling that you are directly supporting Vanessa in her creative endeavour all for $20 dollars – or more if you like.

In the last ten years, Vanessa has played over 1000 shows in 11 countries, receiving accolades from abroad and in her hometown of Dallas, where she was recently nominated as “Best Folk Artist” by The Dallas Observer. She continues to tour the US and in Europe, where she has a strong fan base thanks to the albums she made with her former Italian band, Ice Cream on Mondays, and the hundreds of shows she has played in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark. In early 2015 she released her 10th album, the Americana-tinged “With The Sentimentals,” and is back in the studio working on another album of new material.

Hitch a ride now.


Vanessa Peters / Facebook / Twitter

Vanessa Peters – With The Sentimentals

Vanessa Peters - 'With The Sentimentals' - cover (300dpi)

Over the last twelve years Vanessa Peters has played more than a thousand shows in the US and across Europe, the Dallas based singer-songwriter releases today (May the 11th) a new collaborative album, With The Sentimentals, that was recorded  in tour time-outs during April & October of last year.

The ten-track release includes nine original songs from Vanessa and kicks off with a cover of Hem’s Pacific Street which along with all of the songs on the album was recorded  ‘live’ by  Vanessa together with husband and bandmate / producer Rip Rowan and The Sentimentals a Copenhagen based Americana band featuring  M.C. Hansen (guitars), Nikolaj Wolf (upright bass) and Jacob Chano (drums).

Vanessa Peters & The Sentimentals (2)

The Sentimentals have collaborated with Vanessa previously playing together on two trips to Denmark and one back in Vanessa’s home state of Texas though this is the first time they’ve got together to record, the album was created from two sessions that took place in studios located in the Danish countryside and without the need for overdubs:

“The Sentimentals are a really fluid, organic band, and they work well like that – they like to do two, three takes of a song, and then move on and that gave the album this lovely, cozy, laid-back feel,” explains Vanessa.

Three of tracks are re-workings of songs from Vanessa’s excellent back catalogue (previously on Beat Surrender) and the prolific songwriter is already working on new material for an album tentatively slated for release this towards the end of this year.

The plaintive opening cover track fits well with Vanessa’s songwriting style and vocal, the piano of the Hem original replaced by guitar with the result sounding a little more uplifting and reminiscent of Fields of Gold, the first of the new tracks Call You All The Time continues with the melancholy through the lyrics but juxtaposed against a livelier country shuffle back-beat, the first of the three re-worked tracks is next up, Big Time Underground which originally appeared on the 2006 album Little Films (recorded with Ice Cream on Mondays) along with Fireworks which also appears later on this release, in both cases the ‘new’ arrangements are stronger and suit the songs better, the remaining re-worked track is Afford To Pretend which was originally recorded for the 2006 EP, The Blackout.  

The album has a dynamic borne from the two separate recording sessions and the old v new material but maintains a sense of fluidity too – the songs are trademark Vanessa Peters, melodic, thoughtful and heartfelt and this latest album can only win her music more fans.


Vanessa Peters / Facebook / Twitter

M.C. Hansen – 3

3 is both an ambitious and interesting musical project from Danish M.C. Hansen triple CD album offers different versions of the same songs;

From Part One

M.C. Hansen 3 (Part One, Dallas, TX) – They Got That From Me

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Pleasantry Lane Studio in Dallas, Texas by Rip Rowan with Milo Deering on pedal steel guitar, mandolin, dobro and fiddle. Vanessa Peters and Paul Averitt backing vocals and Rip Rowan on percussion, keyboards and piano.

From Part Two

M.C. Hansen 3 (Part Two, Fredericia, DK) They Got That From Me

With Hansen’s Danish band, recorded at Det Bruunske Pakhus in Fredericia, Denmark by Kaspar Vorbech. Jacob Chano plays the drums, Morten Brauner bass, Uffe Steen clarinet and electric guitar. Søren Henner mixed the album at Flueknepperiet in Copenhagen.

From Part Three

M.C. Hansen 3 (Part Three, Island Of Møn, DK) They Got That From Me

Recorded at the Real Farm Studio by Rip Rowan with Nikolaj Busk on piano, accordion and glockenspiel, Aske Jacoby electric and acoustic guitar. Nikolaj Wolf mixed the album and added some bass at Ulvetoner in Copenhagen.


Vanessa Peters – The Burn The Truth The Lies

Here’s another Kickstarter success story from a Beat Surrender favourite Vanessa Peters who latest album is up for pre-order now, the Texas-based singer-songwriter who has being recording and playing since 2002 has racked-up over a thousand gigs in eleven countries and also spent a period of years based in Italy – touring through Europe with and without the band Ice Cream on Mondays with whom she recorded and released a trio of albums.

In 2009 after splitting with the band and returning to Texas Vanessa was left feeling emotionally and physically worn down and began to question whether she could continue making music, then last year “almost on a lark” a festive album The Christmas We Hoped For was recorded and released which went on to make its way on to a number of festive top-lists – creative mojo restored she threw of the self-doubt and began writing for what has been distilled into the The Burn The Truth The Lies.

Using Kickstarter as the motivator, a promise made to fans in exchange for their support Vanessa has definitely delivered the goods – album number seven is her best yet and my faith in backing the project has been rewarded handsomely and I highly recommend it, recorded in Austin at Texas Treefort Studios it was engineered by Jim Vollentine (Patty Griffin ,Spoon) and features performances from John Dufilho on drums, Jason Garner on bass, Grammy award-winning guitarist Joe Reyes, and producer Rip Rowan on keyboards.

Listen, enjoy and get the pre-order at Bandcamp

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