Van Meter – Mess of My Memory

Two years ago to the day on the ‘old’ blogger based Beat Surrender I wrote a few words of praise for Van Meter’s debut album Should’ve Been a Weather Girl ,now they’re back with the follow up Mess of Memory, whilst the appeal of the last album was the alt-country styling’s this album forsakes much of the twang for a straighter rock ’n ’roll path no bad thing as the album is a fine listen and should win them some new fans.

The album includes a reworked version of my favourite track from the debut release Suckerpunch, compare, contrast and enjoy.

Van Meter – Suckerpunch

Van Meter – Suckerpunch




Van Meter – Should’ve Been A Weather Girl

One of the evolutions of my musical tastes over the last few years has been the shift from male dominated vocals to female, with the release of Van Meter’s début album Should’ve Been A Weathergirl I’ve another to add to the list of alt-country flavoured female favourites with Jennifer van Meter sitting comfortably in the zone with Lucinda Williams, Gina Villalobos, Kathleen Edwards, Kasey Chambers and Vanessa Peters.

The Maryland based singer/songwriter was inspired to pick up and play a Strat by her uncle, she moved on from hitting that first G-chord to later study music at East Tennessee State University, the album itself was produced at Mill Creek Studio Annapolis by Noel White who also handles drums and features a bunch of accomplished  musicians including Ruben Dobbs (guitar), Jimmy Jacobs (keyboards) and Dave Hadley (pedal steel). You get plenty of heartache for your buck on this set of songs, the album’s full of tales of love lost and misunderstood, broken hearts and promises, all the tracks are Jennifer van Meter originals and while not breaking new ground this album sets the bar high for aspiring artists and promises much for the future, my pick from the album – with an aching vocal washed with steel guitar Suckerpunch, you can check out some more tunes below on the Tunecore widget or better still get yourself a copy of the CD from here.

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