Two Cow Garage – The Death of the Self Preservation Society

Two Cow Garage - The Death of the Self Preservation Society

Earlier in the year gave a shout out for funding the new TCG album, for those who heeded the call to arms then you should have your album by now, for those who missed the boat then you’ll have to sit tight until September 10th when the official release gets set loose.

The guys have a Euro tour lined up around the release date, here are the confirmed dates so far.

05-09-2013: Utrecht (NL) @ dBs
07-09-2013: Asten (NL) @ Misty Fields
08-09-2013: London (UK) @ The Windmill
09-09-2013: Edinburgh (UK)
0-09-2013: Manchester (UK) @ Wahlbar with PJ Bond
12-09-2013: Cologne (DE) @ Tsunami Club
13-09-2013: Haarlem (NL) @ Patronaat
22-09-2013: Reggio Emilia (IT) @ I Vizi Del Pellicano


Here’s the PR for you while you’re waiting.

Nearly a decade after dropping their debut full-length, Please Turn the Gas Back On, Columbus, Ohio based TWO COW GARAGE are poised to release their sixth studio album, The Death of the Self-Preservation Society to the world on September 10, 2013 in partnership with Last Chance Records. With a thick wall of thundering drums and exploding guitars propping up the band’s snarky style of storytelling, Two Cow Garage’s latest cut is set to shake the industry with the release. Recorded at HI/LO Studios, housed inside of a historic 100 year old barn in Eden, New York, The Death of the Self-Preservation Society showcases the unique mash-up of songwriting styles of both of the band’s front man Micah Schnabel and bassist Shane Sweeney. “We’ve recorded there a few times and we have just fallen in love with it,” Schnabel said of the studio. “We sleep in the old farm house and wake up every morning to go out and record all day and night. The studio is actually up in what would be the hay loft and it overlooks the farm. It’s just a great place to be locked away and not have the distractions of every day life.”
The band launched into this recording with a brand new approach. When asked about the recording process, Schnabel explained, “We laid a drum track first and then laid the bass. After that, instead of piling on guitars, we laid the lead vocal. From there we only added parts that we thought the song needed. We really tried to let the songs breathe. We did each single song start to finish before moving on to the next. I really feel like it helped give each song its own identity and feel.”

Several guests dropped by the studio to record with the trio, including members of Cheap Girls. “We got lucky and our good friends Cheap Girls were playing in Buffalo while we were recording. They stopped by and we had Ian Graham sing a verse on the song “Stars and Gutters” his brother Ben also ended up singing on the chorus,” Schnabel remarked of the appearances.
Producing the album themselves, Two Cow Garage has managed to compose a near flawless collection of tracks possessing a near perfect balance of old, historic punk qualities and new radio friendly pop-punk attributes. For example, “Little Prince and Johnny Toxic,” the album’s opening track, propels the album into a full-tilt frenzy from the line “no one makes it out alive.” “My Friend Adam” and the album’s title track, “The Death of the Self-Preservation Society” follow suit, projecting the band’s raw and uncensored outlooks on the current state of society. With a jaded tone and a ‘take no prisoners’ snarl, the track kicks the door open to a straightforward and matter of fact album holding nothing back. Even the softest tones on the album, like “Mantle in ’56” come connected to a sense of reality few bands are brave enough to ever approach. However, with Two Cow Garage, this tone is both natural and a candid reflection of their views of the world.
Two Cow Garage, has been one of the hardest working touring groups since their formation in 2001. In 2003, the band released their debut full-length, Please Turn the Gas Back On. On the strength of the album’s opening track, “Been So Long”, the band has mustered four additional full-length releases, a handful of singles, and a few solo efforts. The band has paraded their brand of heart-wrenching, yet ferocious rock-n-roll, which calls to mind Nirvana, The Men, and Dinosaur, Jr. through countless North American tours as well as several European sojourns. Two Cow Garage’s 2010 release, Sweet Saint Me, not only managed to get airplay on WXPN’s World Café, it also found its way onto many critics’ best-of lists. The band has performed at numerous festivals including SXSW, CMJ, Kilkenny Rhythm ‘n Roots, and the Lucero Family Picnic, and has toured with acts like The Hold Steady, Drag the River, Slobberbone, and Glossary.

Todd May – Rickenbacker Girls

Had some praise for Fort Shame recently and now here’s an album from the bands guitar slinger Todd May, as well as Fort Shame he’s written, recorded and played with Lilybandits and the Mooncussers with Lydia Loveless and he counts Shane and Micah of Two Cow Garage in his circle of musician friends and though TGC recorded it first he wrote the track Alphabet City which is one of the albums highlights along with the title track – the Rickenbacker Girls are not as I first thought guitar heroines but girls Todd met at his high school who’s fathers were Airmen at the Rickenbacker Air Force Base, despite flying low on the national and international recognition radar Todd May is more than deserving of a wider audience for his nuanced songwriting which he adeptly manipulates with a broad range of influences into an excellent solo debut.

Todd May – Alphabet City

Vinyl Love – Two Cow Garage – The Wall Against Or Back

TCG are re-releasing on limited edition vinyl their second (and best) album The Wall Against Out Back

TCG (Two Cow Garage) – the rock band from Columbus, Ohio that feels more comfortable on the road than anywhere else – has some exciting news to share with their fans: TCG will re-release The Wall Against Our Back (2004, Shelterhouse) this fall, on vinyl.  TCG will press 500 limited copies on colored red 180 gram vinyl with re-packaged artwork.  Wall will be available in mid-November, and TCG is offering the limited edition re-issue as pre-order packages that will include limited edition T-shirts and posters.  Fans can pre-order the album here

Shane Sweeney, co-founding member of TCG, provided this statement for the reason behind the re-release:

After two years of almost constant touring on our first record, Please Turn the Gas Back On, in 2004 we decided to seclude ourselves in the ranch land of north Texas and record the songs that we had been hammering on over that long stretch of touring.  We had no idea what the reaction would be to Wall Against Our Back. It just all happened so fast, and we were all so focused on doing it, that we had little time to postulate on what anyone else’s thoughts would be about it.   As it turns out, and lucky for us, people did care, more than we ever could have hoped for.  As we continued to tour and record, The Wall Against Our Back became a distant blur in the rearview mirror of our catalogue of songs.  And soon we let it fall by the wayside and go out of print.  Yet, it’s a struggle to think of a show where there hasn’t been at least one person requesting us to play a song “Off of that red record . . .” And now we’re doing something about it.  Through the years TCG has moved progressively away from Wall’s sound musically, but we are no less proud of The Wall Against Our Back.  It’s nice to welcome this record back into the fold.  Thanks for sticking with it, and us.

Two Cow Garage – My Concern

Two Cow Garage – Alphabet City

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