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Nebraska – Clubhouse Records

Trying out the Minilogs embed app that works with Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Youtube, Vimeo links to create playlists – thought I might as well test-drive it something worth listening too.


Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – For A Minute – Video and free single download plus competition.

Beat Surrender favourite Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou have a single out available to download for free via this link – the A-side For A Minute comes from their fantastic album, and one of my personal favourite from 2012 – La Ferme De Fontenaille, the album was released on the 5th of November on the due’s on label The Anglophone Recording Company (APRC), and beautifully recorded on a TEAC Tascam 246 4-Track cassette recorder in the Pay De La Loire, France, you can pick up a copy on CD / Limited Edition Cassette / Download from The APRC Store , there’s a b-side too and if that’s not enough then there’s also a competition to win a copy at their website.

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