Perry Brown – Become My Blood

One of my very favourite America songs of the last few years has being Fire Mountain’s Doing Fine a track which has being in my iTunes Top25 Most Played pretty much from its release week in 2014, so I was more than happy when gifted a copy of the debut solo release from the bands frontman and songwriter Perry Brown.

The songs on Become My Blood were crafted while writing and recording for Fire Mountain’s next album and it would have being a lost opportunity not to release the tracks that didn’t quite resonate with the band album’s more “muscular, alt-country-ish rock” sound, but lets be straight here, the songs on this album are not throwaways or leftovers they’re good, very good in fact,  introspectively tinted, solicitous, sonically melancholic, an album for those reflective moments, stop, breathe, recall what you have and cherish those little victories.

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