Gold Star – S/T

Marlon Rabenreither AKA Gold Star came about after the The Sister Ruby Band (who we’ve featured on a couple of previous occasions) frontman supported Lucinda Williams for one of her acoustic shows which led to recording a series of tracks and this self-title EP,  love the ambience, mood and vocals on that pervades the music on this EP, more at and

Gold Star – Heaven Can Wait

Gold Star – Back To Me from Gold Star on Vimeo.

The Sister Ruby Band – Graceland Smile

Graceland Smile is the promo video / track from The Sister Ruby Band’s upcoming début CD In Cold Blood, the video was filmed at the Barbican Estate in London using a 80’s vintage Video Camera, a sweet piece of psyched-out reverb soaked rock the album follows on from a five track EP A Shot in the Dark featured on Beat Surrender last summer.

The Sister Ruby Band – Graceland Smile


Download the album at iTunes, and the album / EP at eMusic

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The Sister Ruby Band “A Shot In The Dark” EP

There’s no sister and there’s no band either,  this is the musical project of 21 year old art student Johnny Ruby – that’s the musical AKA for Marlon Rabenreither – Vienna born and Los Angeles-raised, he’s currently in London where he’s studying visual art at Goldsmith’s University of London, all very confusing, but a listen to this guy’s début EP “A Shot In The Dark” clears it all up and if the art doesn’t sell on the evidence of this  recording he’ll have little problem keeping the wolves from the door with his music, The Sister Ruby Band EP was recorded at his home studio with Ruby/Marlon playing and arranging all of instruments, this five track release showcases his talent and marks him out as one to watch.

Try the EP opener  Rebecca (Just Take It From Me)


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