Loose Artist Sampler – Free download

Loose Records are having a sale, CD albums and their lovely vinyl selections are all on offer including the wonderful 2011 releases from The Felice Bros and Dawes

You can get a free Loose releases sampler in exchange for your email using the widget below or free on CD with any purchase from the shop

1. THE FELICE BROTHERS – Fire At The Pageant
3. DAWES – Time Spent In Los Angeles
4. JIM WHITE – Rambler
6. JIM WHITE – Speeding Motorcycle
7. THE HANDSOME FAMILY – Come Outside And See
8. DAWES – Million Dollar Bill
9. HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF – Too Much Of A Good Thing

Support the independents – Loose Records

Given recent events across the UK and particularly in London writing about independent music may be low down the list of many peoples priorities this week, but stating the obvious this is a music blog and although Beat Surrender has no ‘Mission Statement but part of the blogs ‘job’ is to promote and support great music – the big players don’t need assistance, but Beat Surrender can (I hope) help the independents in some small way, and right now they need some help.

One of the labels affected is Loose who have released recordings for some of my favourite artists and  albums including The Felice Brothers, Dawes, The Duke & The King, Danny & The Champions of the World, Hurray For the Riff Raff, Jim White, Mary Lou Lord, Peter Bruntnell, Corb Lund, The Handsome Family and Monkey Swallows the Universe.

Stealing a line from Twitter, whatever is left is now limited edition, so if you’re thinking of parting with any money on music this month please give these guys a go.

In case your a cynic, like me – I’d like to point out I’m in no way affiliated to the label or indeed any that appear on Beat Surrender, merely a fan and a very satisfied customer.

The Felice Brothers “Celebration, Florida” (Loose 2011)

Having read the recent 4**** review in Uncut for Celebration Florida I must admit to being put off shelling out to buy a copy of the album, I have the rest of The Felice Brothers recorded output as well as Simone’s solo work and that with The Duke and the King, but some of the observations made in Uncut review had me wondering what to expect, then the kind folks at Loose put a copy of the album my way, so I had no excuse not to listen and I must say I like it, I like it a lot – although I’ve not quite nailed down why – I think this is very much going to be a Marmite album, it will certainly win them some new friends but may have some old ones cooling to the charms of the brothers from the Catskill Mountains.

Having spent the week with the album I suppose in a word its “refreshing”. Is that a little lame? Maybe so. Perhaps the core of the albums attraction is it simply follows the bands muse, snatching whatever colours of the musical palette they want and splattering them Jackson Pollock style onto their chosen canvas – that was little pretentious I guess and I have a feeling that some listeners may form that opinion about the album given it’s departure from the bands previous records and yes it’s different but by no means have all the rustic elements been removed, they’re merely blended a little more exotically, on first listen there were numerous surprises not least the leap back to the eighties as Ponzi threatens to morph into Fade to Grey about three and half minutes in.

The song writing and story telling is as strong as ever and the familiar Felice Brothers instrumentation still plays it’s part despite the synths, drum-machines, brass and screaming kids – its Americana of a sort and essential listening.

At the time of writing the whole album was available to listen on Loose’s Soundcloud page.

The Felice Brothers – Fire At The Pageant


I’ve put my money where my mouth is and got a copy of the vinyl from the Loose shop you should too.

The Felice Brothers – “Celebration, Florida” by Loose Music

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