Beat Surrender – Best of 2016 – Rock, Indie, Pop – #25 to 11


Acapulco Lips – S/T


The See No Evils – Inner Voices


The Blazing Zoos – Chocks Away


Paul Orwell – Organised Blues


Globelamp – Orange Glow


The Tuts – Update Your Brain


Honeyblood – Babes Never Die


Night Beats – Who Sold My Generation


Dropkick – Balance the Light


Cakehole Presley – In The Used To Be


Hope I’m Reaching Your Heart

Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down


Curlee Wurlee! – Birds & Bees


Haley Bonar – Impossible Dream


Lisa Prank – Adult Teen


The Perfect English Weather – Isobar Blues


The Spitfires – A Thousand Times

The Blazing Zoos – Chocks Away

Chocks Away - The Blazing Zoos Chocks Away is the excellent new album from UK alt-country band The Blazing Zoos , imagine if the The Old 97’s had met and started playing together in a West London pub and you’ll get a sense of the their sound and style, the four piece are fronted by Australian born journalist and author Andrew Mueller (guitar) with Lara Pattison on bass/vocals, Gen Matthews on drums and Jeremy Jones on guitar.

Though there’s a certain Britishness to their brand of country-pastiche the band squeeze in great country blues stomper about an Aussie Rules footballer and a cover of Sergeant Small to add an antipodean twist to the mix too.

I first stumbled upon the bands music via a track that appeared on Volume 4 of the excellent What’s Kickin’ compilation series put out by Stove Pony Records  which I highly recommend along with Chocks Away.

The Blazing Zoos / Facebook / Twitter

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