25   Daniel Romano – If I’ve Only One Time Askin’


Daniel Romano / Facebook / Twitter

24   John Moreland – High on Tulsa Heat


John Moreland / Facebook / Twitter

23   Joey Kneiser – The Wildness


Joey Kneiser / Facebook / Twitter

22   Dave Rawlings Machine – Nashville Obsolete


Dave Rawlings Machine / Facebook / Twitter

21   Michael Rank & Stag – Horsehair

horsehair cover.indd

Michael Rank & Stag / Facebook / Twitter

20   The Barker Band – The Land We Hold Dear

The Barker Band / Facebook / Twitter

19   The Decemberists – What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World


The Decemberists / Facebook / Twitter

18   The Unthanks – Mount The Air


The Unthanks / Facebook / Twitter

17    M Lockwood Porter – 27


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16   Eilen Jewell – Sundown Over Ghost Town


Eilen Jewell / Facebook / Twitter

15   Vanessa Peters – with the Sentimentals

Vanessa Peters - 'With The Sentimentals' - cover (300dpi)

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14   Lindi Ortega – Faded Gloryville


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13   Kristin Diable – Create Your Own Mythology

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12   Emily Barker – The Toerag Sessions


Emily Barker / Facebook / Twitter

11   Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – Expatriot 


Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou / Facebook / Twitter

10   Frankie Lee – American Dreamer

Frankie Lee / Facebook / Twitter

9   Lucero – All A Man Should Do


Lucero / Facebook / Twitter

8   Kathryn Williams – Hypoxia 

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7   Lilly Hiatt – Royal Blue

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6   American Aquarium – Wolves 


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The Barker Band – The Land We Hold Dear

The Barker Band return with their sixth album The Land We Hold Dear,  the band took time out with their plans due to the sad loss in April 2012 of one of bands founder members  Lenny Barker, the father of band members Jake (vocals, banjo, mandolin) and Sam (vocal, banjo, mandolin, guitar).

Lenny was a huge inspiration to the band and it was through his record collection and encouragement that the twin brothers diverse musical influences developed, listening to everything from the Carter Family to Black Sabbath, the featured track above is one of the last tracks he played on and the brothers felt it was the only right to dedicate the bands new album and pay tribute, in  Jakes words;

“His loss has left a big hole in the band and we wanted to honour him with this album. We poured our heart and soul into it, and for good measure we also put a heavy dose of banjo in there … it is what he would have wanted,”

“We wrote ‘Don’t Fear The End’ in honour of our dad Lenny,” adds Sam. “We very much stuck by the ethos we have always had when recording a new album; of surrounding ourselves with good friends and family and even enlisting the help of our friends in other bands. Hackney based blues/folk band ‘The Ramshackle Union’ join us on the track ‘Didn’t Leave For Sea’ “

The band have being playing and recording since 2004, alongside founding members Jake and Sam are Laurie Sherman (guitar) with Nella Johnson (vocals), Tom Wright (bass), Ru Sheeve (drums) and Simon Cohen (fiddle).


The Land We Hold Dear was record entirely in analogue with most of the work being done at London’ Soup Studies, and there was a trip across the North Sea where the band added backing vocals to tracks The Fishing Song Part 2 and Leave My Bonny courtesy of the Storm Weather Shanty Choir a six piece Norwegian shanty band which fits perfectly alongside the great songwriting, powerful lead and sibling harmonies, blending genres creatively the result is a triumph and a fitting honour to fallen band member.

Highly recommended.

The Barker Band / Facebook / Twitter

The Barker Band – Dig Me A Hole

One of my favourite UK bands The Barker Band have kindly sent me a copy of their latest album Dig Me A Hole , the album is the bands fifth and given I’m a huge fan of the previous four albums, and I’m a glass half empty kind of guy – despite having already been able to listen to some tracks from the album on-line I was a little apprehensive before listening to the whole album fearing it may not reach the heights of the previous releases and would end in disappointment, my fears I’m pleased to report were totally unfounded as it’s a wonderful album and goes straight into the top drawer of 2012 for me.

The band have developed their sound and move further away from their earlier bluegrass leanings now drawing on a greater range of styles to produce their strongest set of tracks to date, several members of the band contribute to the albums eleven tracks and the strength in depth is evident throughout to the listener, twin brothers Sam (banjo, mandolin, guitar) and Jake (banjo, mandolin, sax) Barker contribute to seven tracks, life long friend and band co-founder Laurie Sherman (lead guitar) contributes to four and bass player Tom Wright adds another – one of my favourites from the album El Diablo, this is the second Barker Band album on which Nella Johnson takes the majority share of singing duties and again she steals the boys thunder with some great performances, the primary band line-up is completed by Dave Fretton (keys) and Rupert Shreeve (drums) and they are joined in the studio by a supporting cast of friends and musicians adding fiddle, horns, harmonica and backing vocals to fully flesh out the sound.

British Americana at it’s best – highly recommend.

The Barker Band – Song for Dio by BeatSurrender

The Barker Band – El Diablo by BeatSurrender

The album launch party is this Friday and there are a number of festival appeareances confirmed for the summer.

Album launch party 27th April, Club Fandango at The Bull And Gate, London, NW5 2TJ

Rickmansworth Canal Festival 19th May, Owlsworld Acoustic Stage

Fire in the Mountain Festival 1st-5th June. Saturday 2nd Sunday 3rd

Tingestock 2012 9th June, Tingewick Village Hall

Rhythm festival 25th August, Mansion House @ Oldwarden Park, Biggleswade



The Barker Band – Dig Me A Hole

Posted some news about this back in September of 2011, now the band have an official release date for the album April 1st and a new website to go with it.

Recorded live at the betsey trotwood, clerkenwell.

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