Scotty Alan – Wreck and the Mess

Scotty Alan - 'Wreck And The Mess' - cover (300dpi)

I read a excellent and positive review of this album over at Common Folk Music some time ago, made a mental note to follow up and promptly forgot – so much music so little time, but sometimes you get a second chance and mine arrived recently courtesy of Scott Alan’s UK PR company who provided me an opportunity to listen and enjoy Alan’s album Wreck and the Mess for myself.

If you’re still with me and haven’t clicked out to read Andrew’s piece at CFM I’ll give you a brief bio, he’s a former punk rocker and long-time resident of the outskirts of a small town called Marquette MI. self sufficient,  a man of the earth, a hunter gatherer who lives of the land in an off-grid log cabin, this guy has an enviable lifestyle, not one for all of us for sure – but truth be told one that leaves me day dreaming.

Alan cut his musical teeth playing punk in a three man combo The Muldoons who released five albums over a ten year period from 1987, three became two, then one, Alan continued his musical journey playing shows in the Midwest and the clubs and coffeehouses of Amsterdam before meeting up with a former cohort who had released several of The Muldoons albums on his Spinout/RCI Records imprint, the result took Alan to L.A. to record a batch of songs including the fifteen that appear on Wreck and the Mess.

Given the ‘macho’ image painted by Alan’s bio you may be expecting something like a rough-hewn collection of post punk folk but the vinyl friendly 45 minute journey through the fifteen tracks reveals a somewhat more complex character, the gritty vocal blends into a set of melodic but rootsy tunes ‘arranged in narrative sequence, reflecting on a relationship gone bad’.

Wreck and the Mess by Scotty Alan



Scotty Alan - (Guitar)

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