Paper Aeroplanes “We Are Ghosts”

Late to the party I was introduced to Paper Aeroplanes by an email from OK Good Records in the US and although the music is on the periphery of my usual diet I couldn’t help but be drawn in by Sarah Howell’s vocals, in fact after getting hold of all of the previous EP’s and album I’m convinced she could sing the telephone directory and still keep me onside, so I was quick to get my hands on the bands latest seven track EP We Are Ghosts – in the UK cut out the middle man and buy direct from the band here

If you fancy a coffee and piece of cake and live near one these establishments you can get a free CD when you spend a £ 10 (more info at the bands website)

Sarah solo covering a Welsh legend (and Elvis) on Green Green Grass of Home, almost makes me want cross the border a few miles down the road and relinquish my English birth rite.

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