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Ronnie Fauss is a regular on Beat Surrender having first appeared back in 2009 when he was self-releasing his music, after a number of EP’s the Dallas singer-songwriter abilities came to the attention of New West and Ronnie was sighed up to the labels Normanton imprint on which he released his debut full length album I Am the Man You Know I’m Not in 2012.

Fast-forward to the present and though stylistically Ronnie’s moved on to a fuller alt-country blue collar rock sound the words that accompanied my post on his first appearance hold true “the lyrics are strong and thoughtful, the vocal has that whiskey soaked edge of authenticity, Made in Texas”, overall Built to Break has a wider musical dynamic than Ronnie’s earlier work  without forsaking the lyrical content or overdoing the production; bottom line is this album is a highly listenable collection of alt-country songs and one that would have certainly featured on my end-of-year best of list if I had managed to get to it in time.

Ronnie Fauss – Another Town

The album kicks-off full throttle with  a country-rocker chronically relationship breakdown, the fall-out and destruction and the escape  to Another Town when it all falls apart, there’s a truck song too – though not the type that garnered all the bad-press in country music circles stateside last year, this ones more of a homage to  Cosmic American music , the track Eighteen Wheels features an appearance from Old  97’s frontman and fellow Texan Rhett Miller, in fact there’s more than a hint of the Old 97’s sound on a few tracks, which of course is no bad thing, there are highlights a plenty not least a duet with Jenna Paulette on Never Gonna Last and the excellent cover of  Song for Zula from Phosphorescent’s fantastic Muchacho album that was featured on Beat Surrender last year.

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Ronnie Fauss – Everybody Deserves A Merry Christmas (Single)

There’s no doubt Christmas has arrived and if you’re already working up a temper at the thought of the same old tunes bombarding your ears wherever you go then let me point in the direction of a few alternatives over the next few weeks, starting with an old friend and favourite of Beat Surrender the venerable Mr. Ronnie Fauss @ronniefauss – you can get his single Everybody Deserves A Merry Christmas now, grab yourself a mince pie and start to get festive.

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