BEST OF 2015, ROCK, INDIE & POP #25 to #6

25   Personal Best – Arnos Vale

SPS035 Cover Art 1550

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24   Lightning in a Twilight Hour – Fragments Of A Former Moon

Lightning in a Twilight Hour

23   Jennie Vee – Spying


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22   Kontiki Suite – The Greatest Show On Earth


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21   Reichenbach Falls – The Traitor Shore


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20   Paper Aeroplanes – Joy


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19   Piney Gir – mR hYDE’S wILD rIDE


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18   Mammoth Penguins – Hide & Seek


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17   Craig Finn – Faith in the Future


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16   Case Hardin – Colours Simple

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15   The Dreaming Spires – Searching for the Supertruth


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14   The School – Wasting Away and Wondering


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13   Joanna Gruesome – Peanut Butter


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12   Owl & Mouse – Departures


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11   The Manhattan Love Suicides – More Heat! More Panic!



10   Bully – Feels Like


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9   Ezra Furman – Perpetual Motion People

Ezra Furman BELLA498 Vinyl Sleeve.indd

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8   Bill Ryder-Jones – West Kirby County Primary


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7   The Treasures of Mexico – Holding Pattern


The Treasures of Mexico 

6   Kid Wave – Wanderlust


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Reichenbach Falls – The Traitor Shore

thetraitorshoreI recall making references to the seasons on the previous album (Reports of Snow) from the Oxford based musical collaborative Reichenbach Falls who are fronted by Abe Davies (vocals & acoustic guitar) and Jamie Cooper  (electric guitar).

Well it seems once again appropriate to touch on the seasonal mood and whether deliberate or not the album release, it’s out on September the 14th,  fits perfectly with the recording that plays out like the last days of summer in a beautiful sad way, the majority of the songs presenting themselves like a landscape in soft focus, frayed lead-vocals are accentuated against the nuanced arrangements and the track sequencing works perfectly creating an album that will stay with the long long after the summer fades.

Pre-order the album now via Bandcamp.

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Reichenbach Falls – Reports of Snow


It’s that time of year, the windfall from the fruit trees is over, daylight time fades towards the winter solstice and Mother Nature’s anger flares, the transitional season of Autumn carries multiple facets that ebb-and-flow gravitating to the harsher weather that will follow, as I write the light from the window has faded to grey, the days early morning sun now gloomily filtered though the gathering cloud and the British obsession with the weather is heightened with the threat of storms – Reports of Snow the new album from Reichenbach Falls fits perfectly into this day, this season and to this listeners mood, the album roams above a cloudy soundscape of accentuated melancholia broken with moments of musical sunshine and offers the listener much to muse upon as it meanders between genres.

At the centre of the Oxford based band is Abe Davies (vocals / guitars) who’s original writing is put to music with friend and band collaborator Rufus Thurston, the album also features the talents of Joe Bennet from BS favourites The Dreaming Spires, Ben Walker from Candy Says and formerly Little Fish, Rob McHardy from Viarosa and Nick Simms from Viarosa and Cornershop.

Check out the interview at the wonderful Some of it’s true Reports of Snow is out Dec 2nd on Observatory Records in the meantime you can listen and buy the excellent single from the album at Bandcamp which a b-side cover of Elliot Smith’s Needle in the Hay

Music video for ‘Risky’ from Reichenbach Falls EP I’ll Never Go Anywhere Without Her Now EP which was shot in North Oxford, UK in February 2013.

Risky from Reichenbach Falls on Vimeo.