What’s Kickin’ – Volume 5


The What’s Kickin’ series of CD’s reached number five last year and the quintet are all in my collection, they are wonderful representation of the music collectively called Americana and the eclectic compilations feature music performed by artists associated with the What’s Kickin’ club nights that have been at the forefront of the UK roots music scene in London for a number of years, the CD’s were produced to act as an companion to the live show that have now being re-established at The Crown in Leytonstone, not only are there some great tracks (often exclusives) from familiar and favorite artists but also some fantastic below-the-radar ones too which always get me digging around to find out more and invariably making a purchase or three.

The events themselves have established a reputation for hosting early gigs for a number of well-known acts including Pete Molinari, Damien Jurado, Southern Tenant Folk Union, Smoke Fairies, The Broken Family Band, John Murray and She Keeps Bees as well as a number of Beat Surrender favourites including The Lucky Strikes, Cusack, Leeroy Stagger, Redlands Palomino Co, Cam Penner, Old Lost John and Quiet Loner amongst others.

Volume 5 of the series has being re-launched to coincide with the return of What’s Cookin’ to the London music scene and acts as a great introduction to what you can expect at the live shows and will open-the-door to some great new music for the discerning listener.

1. Phillious Williams – Old Black Bell
2. Society – Fools End
3. Benjamin Folke Thomas – Another Day Of Being Lonesome (Another Day Of Being Blue)
03 Another Day Of Being Lonesome (Another Day Of Being Blue)
4. The Singing Adams – Brothers And Sisters
5. Treetop Flyers – Long Cold Winter
6. Hightown Crows – Stumbledown Stairs
7. Charlie Parr – Mastodon
8. Yngve & The Innocent – Pretending I Had Faith
9. Darrell Bath – Clinging On
10. The Nightingales – Ghost
11. Molly’s Daggers – Turn To Stone
11 Molly’s Daggers
12. Cowbell – All In Good Time
13. Lucas Renney – She Gives Me The Chills
14. Ian Thomas – Before The Sun Goes Down
15. The Whispering Pines – The Branches!
16. Lowlands – Gotta Be (Something Out There)
17. Otis Gibbs – Cross Country
18. The Lucky Strikes – Blood On The Estuary
19. Los Chicos – What’s Cookin’

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Quiet Loner – Summer 2013 Festival Dates

Quiet Loner

Following on from his triumphant performance on Glastonbury’s Leftfield Stage (at the personal invitation of Billy Bragg, no less – photo left and more here), you can catch Quiet Loner’s impassioned show at the following festival and club shows:

21st July: TOLPUDDLE MARTYRS FESTIVAL, near Dorchester, Dorset
26th July: NEWCASTLE, The Millstone
27th July: MANCHESTER AMERICANA FESTIVAL, The Verge, Stalybridge
2nd-4th August: GREEN GATHERING, Chepstow


Quiet Loner “The Captain’s Diseased” – Single & Tour News

Quiet Loner releases a new single from his ‘Greedy Magicians’ album on 1st April.

He also takes his “powerful rallying calls” (as Billy Bragg called the album) on tour.

4th April: LIVERPOOL, Mellowtone at Leaf
5th April: SHEFFIELD, The Shakespeare
6th April: GLOSSOP, The Oakwood
10th-17th April: NETHERLANDS tour

People’s History Musuem – a unique one-off show entitled “How to make a protest record in five easy steps”.

Quiet Loner – Greedy Magicians

Quiet Loner’s new album Greedy Magicians recorded live in May of this year is on general sale from November 19th and you can pre-order now at Little Red Rabbit, a contemporary protest album that draws inspiration from the past to highlight the inequalities of the present.

Quiet Loner talks about his protest album ‘Greedy Magicians’ from LittleRedRabbit on Vimeo.

Catch the man himself live from the end this month.

Press Release

With the country deep in recession and austerity cuts hitting the poorest in our society, where are the artistic responses? Where are the protest singers?

‘Greedy Magicians’, singer-songwriter Matt Hill aka Quiet Loner’s third album, is such a response – a collection of contemporary protest songs seething with disgust and shot through with melancholy at the state of our coalition-led nation. It’s an album which responds both personally and politically, reflecting on recent events and rewriting them as chapters in a long and historic struggle of the many against the few.

Rejecting the securities of a conventional recording studio, Hill instead recorded in an 18th century church in Salford, an area steeped in radicalism. Over a single evening in May 2012, Hill turned the recording process itself into a sixties style ‘happening’. Lit only by candles and fairy lights with around 100 people present to witness it, Hill and his fellow musicians (withmembers of Samson & Delilah and Last Harbour) recorded the songs totally live in single takes.

These are songs of politics and protest. ‘Kneel and Comply’ is a satire on the excessive policing of protest and dissent and ‘The Captains Diseased’ a sea-shanty that casts David Cameron as a deranged syphilitic sea captain throwing the sick and disabled overboard. There are personal songs too. ‘The Ghost of Oswald Mosley’ laments the rise of the far right in the former coalfield communities that Hill grew up in and ‘Unmarked grave’ is an anti-war song, a soldier’s tale inspired by letters recently discovered by Hill that were sent back from the Somme to his great-grandmother.

Hill was determined to capture more than just music on this record so efforts were made to create a sense of occasion and atmosphere. During the session, 100 badges were handed out, each bearing a different name of 50 men and 50 women of history who had taken a stand. The instruments played came with their own histories – the mandolin from 1898, the guitar made from a Memphis dancefloor, the double bass rescued from a school caretaker’s skip. Even the album sleeves are handprinted using 19th century machines, the techniques used to print radical pamphlets now deployed to produce a 21st century form of protest.

‘Greedy Magicians’ is a strong and self-assured artistic statement and there’s a powerful atmosphere that permeates this record. By laying bare the recording process and turning it into an artistic event, Quiet Loner has managed to create something quite different, something more real. From these elements, Quiet Loner has made a record about standing up and speaking out, about knowing your history and, most importantly, about how community is our strength and our hope.

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