PINS – Kiss Me Quickly (it’s Christmas)

Haus of PINS are proud to present their last release of the year – a hand-crafted, limited edition Christmas complication cassette, titled ‘Hymns’. PINS have contributed their Christmas song, ‘Kiss Me Quickly (It’s Christmas)’ and collaborated with eleven other bands – some Haus of PINS artists, some Manchester bands, and some friends from elsewhere – to create a Christmas compliation tape of completely original material. Faith of PINS says, ‘Some of the bands already had the songs, other bands wrote a song exclusively for it, which I’m honoured by.’ Bands involve include Post War Glamour Girls, September Girls, Brown Brogues and many more.

All of the proceeds from ‘Hymns’ will be given to SWAP, a charity that helps refugees and asylum seekers in the North. Faith explains ‘My grandfather volunteers for the charity, he goes every week – he’s 81 years old and still chooses to spend his time doing this really admirable thing. I think he is an inspiration.’

1. PINS – Kiss Me Quickly (It’s Christmas)
2. Abjects – Xmas
3. Mistoa Poltsa – XMAS Is 4 KIDZ
4. ‘King DJ – Mrs Claus Is Being Held Ransom
5. September Girls feat. the #1’s – I Want You Back (For Christmas)
6. Brown Brogues – Santa’s Cummin
7. The Supreme God – Tears Get Frozen
8. Girls Sweat – Heavy Snow
9. Shinies – Boxing Day
10. Zissou Society – Oh Shit It’s Christmas
11. L’amour Des Reves – 1960 (Billy Childish’s First Family Christmas)
12. Post War Glamour Girls – The Second Stave

Best of the Visuals 2013 Part 2

Caitlin Rose – “Pink Rabbits” (The National Cover)

Jason Isbell – Elephant

PINS – Get With Me

Farao – Skin

John Moreland – Nobody Gives a Damn About Songs Anymore

Caitlin Rose – Pink Champagne

Lissie – Shameless

Amanda Palmer – The Killing Type

Holly Williams – Drinkin’

Phosphorescent – Song For Zula

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