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bentcousin – S/T


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Where Do I Belong Featuring Lord Gabe & Lo-Fye

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Widening the Vision Featuring Keith Levene


Hallelujah The Hills

A Band Is Something To Figure Out



Hinds – Leave Me Alone



Witching Waves – Crystal Cafe


Kid Canaveral – Faulty Inner Dialogue



The Coathangers – Nosebleed Weekend



Peter Bruntnell – Nos Da Comrade


Nos Da Comrade - Peter Bruntnell

Peter Bruntnell – Long Way From Home


Gurr – In My Head



Muncie Girls – From Caplan to Belize


Las Kellies – Friends & Lovers


Peter Bruntnell – Vintage TV + July UK Dates

Beat Surrender favourite Peter Bruntnell is out on the road in July, for a taste of what’s in store check out his recent Vintage TV performance here.

July 2- Maverick Festival, 4pm set, Sweet Home Alabama Stage.
July 14-The Moon Club, Cardiff.
July 15-The Prince Albert, Brighton.
July 16-The Musician, Leicester.
July 20-The 100 Club, London.
July 21-Hesketh Casuals Sports and Social Club, Southport.
July 22-Fred’s Ale House, Levenshulme, Manchester.
July 23-Gateshead Summertyne Festival, 2pm set.
July 24-Nozstock Festival, Bromyard. Mainstage, 3pm set.

Peter Bruntnell-Mr.Sunshine

Peter Bruntnell – Nos Da Comrade

Nos Da Comrade - Peter Bruntnell
Good evening comrades, I’d like to introduce you my fellow music aficionados to the latest release from Peter Bruntnell, Nos Da Comrade is the eleventh album (if you include band and retrospective releases) by the Devon based singer-songwriter and gets it’s official release on April 1st and never one to miss a pun I’d say you’d be foolish to pass this one by, in fact I’d go so far as to say this could be Bruntnell’s best recording yet, and given his 1999 release Normal for Bridgwater is one of all time favourites that’s high praise indeed from this listener.

Album opener Mr Sunshine takes aim at presidential hopeful and fuckwit Donald Trump rebuking his actions and taking sides with Michael Forbes to deliver another two-fingered salute to the man, politics out of the way track two End of the World juxtaposes the opener, a lovely sad-core ballad delivering a beautiful melancholy strain. Track three resplendent with ‘doo-wahs’ and string machine provides a melodic uplift before giving way to the albums opus, the near nine minute Yuri Gagarin which orbits around it’s percussive centre before getting pulled away by a wonderful gravitational guitar solo.

The albums to-and-fro continues into the next track Dance of the Dead, a gorgeous pastoral-indie-folk song that’s somehow both fractured and structured before another sharp change of styles into a riff-laden swampy rock track Where the Snakes Hang Out, the next track Fishing the Flood Plain is sonically perhaps the closest link to the aforementioned 1999 release Normal For Bridgwater, next we are treated to a slice of classic power-pop on Peak Operational Condition.

Just when you think it can’t really get any better, it does with the closing trio of tracks, Long Way From Home just about takes the accolade of best track on the album for me from the two that follow,  Long Way Down From a Cloud and the quietly beautiful Caroline which closes the album.

Peter Bruntnell – Long Way From Home

Alongside Peter the album features contributions from Mick Clews (drums), Peter Noone (bass), Dave Little (guitar/vocals), James Walbourne (guitars/piano), Dai Goodwin (vocals) and Peter Lindane (string machine/pump organ), once again the songwriting credits are shared between Peter and long-term collaborator / trans-atlantic writing partner  Bill Ritchie.

The album is released on Peters own Domestico Records and is available to pre-order now directly from the man himself, I cannot recommend this album enough – go buy a copy now.

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