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The Style Council Mr Cool’s Dream – Iain Munn


Mr Cool’s Dream is a wonderful book dedicated to the The Style Council and offers an amazingly detailed and accurate biopic of the band, their music and what has being described as Paul Weller’s ‘forgotten’ years, I’ve consumed many similar books but never one quite as exhaustive and in-depth as this one, it’s a real labour of love and it’s great to see it back in print – this time as a high quality 360 page paperback, a must for any fan of the band, of Weller and of the era – you can buy direct from the author / publisher here, highly recommended

Paul Weller – Live KCRW

Paul Weller

Happy Birthday to the erstwhile Mr Weller, here’s some favourites recorded for KCRW

Nov 2010

Paul Weller – Out Of The Sinking

Paul Weller – All On A Misty Morning

Paul Weller – Andromeda

Paul Weller – No Tears To Cry

Paul Weller – All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)

Paul Weller – Time Of The Season (Zombies-Cover)

Paul Weller – Pretty Flamingo(Manfred-Mann-Cover)



Interview With Nic Harcourt

Butterfly Collector

From The Floorboards Up

Here’s The Good News

Hung Up

I Wanna Make It Alright

Porcelain Gods

Tales From The Riverbank

The Start Of Forever


The Jam – Trans Global March 21, 1982, Bingley Hall

More from thirty years ago……….

The Jam – Trans Global
March 21, 1982, Bingley Hall

The Jam – Trans Global
March 21, 1982, Bingley Hall, Birmingham, UK

01. Strange Town
02. Carnation
03. Town Called Malice
04. Happy Together
05. Boy About Town
06. Ghosts
07. 5`o Clock Hero
08. That’s Entertainment
09. Tales From The Riverbank
10. Precious
11. Running On The Spot
12. Move On Up
13. In The Crowd
14. Private Hell
15. Pretty Green
16. Trans Global Express
17. The Gift
18. Circus
19. Pity Poor Alfie
20. Fever
21. Funeral Pyre
22. Butterfly Collector
23. When You’re Young

Trans Global

More Jam – Fuelling the Pyre

Fuelling the nostalgia there’s some great 30 year reading to accompany the listening, including an Uncut special edition The Changing Man – The Complete Story, a feature article on The Jam in Mojo, the wonderful Thick as Thieves – Personal Situations with The Jam which I can’t recommend enough and some fantastic original writing, thoughts and commentary in All Mod Icons – again a highly recommended for any fan or indeed music aficionado.

Beat Surrender – Thirty Year Anniversary

Hard for me to believe or acknowledge but it was thirty years ago today 26th November 1982 that arguably the last great British singles band The Jam bowed out with their fourth No.1 and final single release Beat Surrender, so this week will be given over to a some indulgence and more than a little nostalgia.

Rock me gently and send me dreaming of something tender, I was brought here to pay homage to the Beat Surrender

The track edged out A Solid Bond in Your Heart as the band’s final single with Solid Bond later becoming a hit in 83 for Paul Weller’s ‘new’ band The Style Council – before The Jam’s version eventually surfaced on the excellent Extras in 1992 though Beat Surrender never appeared on any of The Jam’s six studio albums up to ’82 it was released in the US on a five-track EP which managed to get to #71 on the Billboard chart, before turning up again as the title track on a compilation released by Polydor imprint Spectrum Music in ’93, there were plans to release a Beat Surrender album by Polydor in the US though it never saw the light of day – Cpt. Stax tells the story.

Beat Surrender is not my favourite Jam song, or indeed my favourite Jam single, in truth the track was not one of Weller’s better pieces of writing but the song means a lot to me personally and topped the charts at a pivotal point of my youth, I had a few titles in mind when I was thinking about writing a music blog but none of the others fitted as well – so Beat Surrender it was. Most music fans grow up with a band, an artist or performer who stands out above the the rest, one that holds a whole load of memories, associations and in some cases obsessions – The Jam were mine.

Beat Surrender was previewed live on the first ever episode of Channel 4’s  The Tube on November 5th ’82, nostalgia trip

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