Drive-by Truckers in 2009

Number 4 and 9 on my favourites from 2009 were the Truckers albums The Fine Print and Live from Austin Texas, no surprises there really – the day DBT release an album I don’t have something good to say about ain’t gonna happen.

When I heard about The Fine Print (A Collection of Oddities and Rarities) I must admit I was a little sceptical that this was going to be a case of a thrown together collection of tracks to fulfil commitments to New West before the band moved on to a new label – I should have known better and in fact what it turned out to be was a thoughtful collection of originals, covers and re-workings  that actually manages to sound pretty together considering it’s disparate parts and is full of highlights, my favourite song from the album is George Jones Talkin’ Cell Phone Blues – just a great tune really pleased to hear a studio version of it, the cover of Petty’s Rebel is perfect, TVA is a wonderful and the version of Goode’s Field Road that’s for me is better than the version from Brighter Than Creations Dark.  Better still the album got released on vinyl last week, I couldn’t take the risk of not getting this so got it as a Christmas present to myself, I shall resist the temptation to break the seal and give it spin until Christmas day.

Live from Austin Texas, what a treat this was CD/DVD combo for £10, bargain of the year, the CD’s on it’s own is great but the DVD is fantastic, great quality and sound, love the version of Ghost to Most (a favourite of mine anyway) , great cuts of classic Truckers songs Heathens and The Living Bubba and a full on version of 18 Wheels of Love – worth the price of admission on its own.

When you consider the contribution the band made to the Booker T album Potato Hole and Patterson’s solo album release, it’s being a great year for fans of the band, and only 3 months to wait for the new “rock” album on ATO.

Goode’s Field Road (The Fine Print)     (buy)
A Ghost to Most (Live from Austin Texas)      (buy)
Space City (Potato Hole)      (buy)

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Patterson Hood – World Cafe – Driving Solo (WXPN)

World Cafe – Driving Solo (WXPN)
Patterson Hood played a great set for World Café last week, aided and abetted the Screwtopians – from Centro-matic frontman Will Johnson on guitar and Scott Danborn on keyboards / fiddle plus fellow “Truckers” John Neff and Brad Morgan and the “Truckers” producer Dave Barbe on bass.

Playing tracks from this years solo release “Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs)”, Patterson answers questions on the albums genesis and the history of the tracks, chat’s about screen plays and collecting all of his dad’s recorded works on vinyl. 

Check out the original broadcast here or the mp3’s below.
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(320k Mp3)  
Intro + Interview (1)
Interview (2)
Interview (3)
Heavy and Hanging
Interview – Outro (4)
Range War

Patterson Hood "Heavy & Hanging"

Stereogum has a freebie mp3 from Patterson’s upcoming solo album, get yourself a copy by signing up here
If you pre-order the album you can also get a copy of the excellent track “I Understand Know”, the album is released on June 23rd, and you can buy it directly from Patterson’s website to get the digital download on the release date as well as the CD or LP, details at

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