Beat Surrender – Best of 2016 – Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Country & Americana – #25 to 11


Pauline Andrès – The Heart BreaksHeartBreaks_online_cover-600x600


Karen Jonas – Country Sings


Lera Lynn – Resistor


M. Lockwood Porter – How To Dream Again


Marissa Nadler – Strangers


Marta Delmont – Silver Blaze


BJ Barnham – Rockingham


Michael Rank – Red Hand


Jim Bryson – Somewhere We Will Find Our Place


Amanda Isbell – My Piece of Land


Austin Lucas

Between The Moon & The Midwest


Elizabeth Cook – Exodus of Venus


Miranda Lambert – The Weight of These Wings


Lydia Loveless – Real


Lucinda Williams – The Ghost of Highway 20


M. Lockwood Porter – How To Dream Again

A little over a year from the release of his album 27 Berkeley CA based singer-songwriter M. Lockwood Porter is back with another classy album of original material, the new album How To Dream Again feels as if it will translate well to an acoustic live performance, though the recording strikes a balance and doesn’t let go of all of the rock and pop elements of its predecessor but the songs definitely have a stronger troubadour feel to them soaking up the history and tradition of progressive folk and roots artists the album draws inspiration from contemporary writers including Chomsky and Klein to create a heady cocktail of social commentary, in a world of increasingly apolitical music M. Lockwood Porter has an affinity and understanding of the need for music to push past the anodyne. Highly Recommended.

“I can’t have a conversation with anyone my age right now without talking about things like inequality, gentrification, racial injustice, student debt, or climate change. I wanted to make a piece of art that captures this time, where daily life is political.”

The album is released in the UK on September the 16th through Hidden Trail Records

M.Lockwood Porter / Facebook / Twitter


25   Daniel Romano – If I’ve Only One Time Askin’


Daniel Romano / Facebook / Twitter

24   John Moreland – High on Tulsa Heat


John Moreland / Facebook / Twitter

23   Joey Kneiser – The Wildness


Joey Kneiser / Facebook / Twitter

22   Dave Rawlings Machine – Nashville Obsolete


Dave Rawlings Machine / Facebook / Twitter

21   Michael Rank & Stag – Horsehair

horsehair cover.indd

Michael Rank & Stag / Facebook / Twitter

20   The Barker Band – The Land We Hold Dear

The Barker Band / Facebook / Twitter

19   The Decemberists – What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World


The Decemberists / Facebook / Twitter

18   The Unthanks – Mount The Air


The Unthanks / Facebook / Twitter

17    M Lockwood Porter – 27


Website / Facebook / Twitter

16   Eilen Jewell – Sundown Over Ghost Town


Eilen Jewell / Facebook / Twitter

15   Vanessa Peters – with the Sentimentals

Vanessa Peters - 'With The Sentimentals' - cover (300dpi)

Vanessa Peters / Facebook / Twitter

14   Lindi Ortega – Faded Gloryville


Lindi Ortega / Facebook / Twitter

13   Kristin Diable – Create Your Own Mythology

Kristin Diable / Facebook / Twitter

12   Emily Barker – The Toerag Sessions


Emily Barker / Facebook / Twitter

11   Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – Expatriot 


Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou / Facebook / Twitter

10   Frankie Lee – American Dreamer

Frankie Lee / Facebook / Twitter

9   Lucero – All A Man Should Do


Lucero / Facebook / Twitter

8   Kathryn Williams – Hypoxia 

Kathryn Williams / Facebook / Twitter

7   Lilly Hiatt – Royal Blue

Lilly Hiatt / Facebook / Twitter

6   American Aquarium – Wolves 


American Aquarium / Facebook / Twitter

M. Lockwood Porter – 27


Updated: album now available in the UK via the fine folks at Hidden Trail Records and on lovely blue vinyl too……….


Really enjoyed the single release from this album that I posted about earlier in the year, I’ve had the album in my inbox for a while now should have posted something sooner, but better late then never I guess and the good news is the rest of the album is every bit as good as the single Chris Bell that caught my ear back in March. The album takes a meandering path through roots rock, drawing inspiration from country to blue-collar and much of the in-between hitting plenty of the sweet spots on it’s journey.

Website / Facebook / Twitter

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