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Well this one has certainly being a while in the making, around two years ago I backed a Kickstarter campaign to support Lindsay Clark’s third album – after her second release came my way in a similar manner the year before – fast forward to today and the album has just gone public with a digital release on Bandcamp (CD’s will also be available from October 5th) and it’s a true what’s said  about ‘the best things’ and ‘waiting’, as the album, Begin, is a real delight.

Begin features Lindsay’s delightful voice, at times A cappella, and where in play the instrumentation swirls like gentle eddies in the crystal clear flow of the vocals, plucked strings of guitar and banjo, piano and violin colour wash the spartan, sometimes haunting, songs beautifully.

The album was recorded in Portland at Lindsay’s Victorian home with support from Sean Ogilvie ( Laura Gibson and Musee Mecanique), Lindsay is backed by  Ryan Spellman (drums,), Willem Joersz (upright bass), Sean Ogilvie (electric bass), and Mirabai Peart (violin).

‘Begin’ was written over the course of a few years in the transition from east coast to west coast and in the first few years of living in Oregon. The songs on their own are sparse but arranged with fullness and intention. I think they embody my native California more than the Northwest – images of roses, white space, trees, fields, and poetry. Some tracks are about ending relationships, one is about family loss, but carrying over themes from ‘Home of the Brave’ (2011) they are also reflections of self and space. It’s a little bit about trusting that place where you voice is confident enough to begin (whether that work is music, or maybe something else) – that has always been hard for me, because I’ve been so extremely shy for most of my life. What was most exciting in creating this record was working with so many talented others (drums, bass, and violin) and playing a lot of the instruments myself, and also arranging most of it myself. Singing without instruments was incredibly freeing (‘Robin Song’ and ‘I Give’) and let me revisit my roots as a choir girl. The record moves between classical, blues, and folk music which are my big influences. I think this is the best record I’ve made so far and I can’t wait for many ears to find it and with any luck find as much joy in listening as I did making.

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Lindsay Clark – Home of the Brave


Lindsay Clark’s second release was fan funded through Kickstarter and the moment available as a download only although she’s hoping to issue a physical release later this year. The Portland based artist is blessed with an inviting and warming vocal that caresses the songs gently, there’s little embellishment to the nine self-penned songs, guitar, mandolin, alto flute, piano and violin are used with great care to create the reflective mood of the music, wonderfully understated.

Lindsay Clark – Brushfires

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