Kathleen Edwards – NPR June 08

Kathleen Edwards NPR One of my very most listened too artists from the last decade is Canadian singer / songwriter Kathleen Edwards, her first full length Failer was released in 2003 and became an instant favourite of mine, it was followed by Back to Me in 2005 and Asking for Flowers in 2008 both of which featured in my favourite albums of the respective years. Prior to the release of Failer Kathleen released a six song EP entitled Building 55 that was limited to a 500 copy run and in-between Back to Me and Failer there was an interesting hybrid CD/DVD release Live from the Bowery Ballroom, the DVD side of the disc includes the videos of Six O’clock News and One More Song the Radio Won’t Like and the CD side to live cuts from Failer , National Steel and Hockey Skates, along with an AC/DC cover Money Talks, the unique disc is worth seeking out and finally for the completists the iTunes Live Session EP is a great set too. Here’s a set from Kathleen’s performance at NPR back in June 08 featuring some of her best songs from the last album Asking for Flowers and a three favourites from Failer and Back To Me.

You can listen to the original show complete with the McSorley story and credits over at NPR
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Jim Bryson – "one of Canadian music’s best kept secrets"

Jim, was described by No Depression as “one of Canadian music’s best kept secrets”, three studio albums and a recent live release to date, which you can get your hands on at Kelp Records.

I first stumbled on Jim’s via a track called One Cigarette that appeared on a Bob Harris Presents CD compilation (Volume 4).

A long time friend and collaborator of Kathleen Edwards Jim gets credits on her albums Failer and Back to Me on which Kathleen covered one of Jim’s best songs “Somewhere Else”, he’s also the “cool and cred” in her song “I Make the Dough You Get the Glory” track from the “Asking for Flowers” album.

You can get a listen to Jim’s third album “Where the Bungalows Roam” here

The tracks in this post are courtesy of Jim’s website.

Kathleen Edwards – Austin City Limits

Kathleen Edwards album Asking for Flowers was one of my favourite releases from 08, her strongest yet in terms of the writing and production in my opinion, building on the success of Back to Me and the first full album Failer.

An “exclusive” live set from Kathleen was released by iTunes recently and that’s well worth getting your hands too, back in ’05 Kathleen appeared at the legendary Austin City Limits performing Back to Me, Six O’clock News and three other tracks, details and a video of Back to Me are available here
Here’s an audio rip of the tracks performed
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