Kasey Chambers “Mountain Stage” (November 23, 2007)


Here’s a set recorded at Mountain Stage in November 2007 by Kasey Chambers, the set included the title tracks from my two favourite Kasey solo releases The Captain and Barricades and Brickwalls amongst the five recorded. Kasey has a new album out Little Bird, not got a copy of this yet but the title track I’ve listened to on-line and I wasn’t that impressed to be honest, but I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve listened to the full album, was hoping for something along the lines of Rattlin’ Bones recorded with husband Shane Nicholson which is a fantastic album.

Kasey Chambers – The Captain

Kasey Chambers – Pretty Enough

Kasey Chambers – On a Bad Day

Kasey Chambers – If I Could

Kasey Chambers – Barricades & Brick Walls Kasey Chambers

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News on Drive-by Truckers movie “The Secret to a Happy Ending
Just a reminder that Kasey Anderson’s album Nowhere Nights is released on 16th of this month, courtesy of Kasey’s cunning marketing campaign I was seduced into the vinyl pre-order last year, okay it’s only February but for me this album is a front runner for Best of 2010, get it / sample it at Kasey’s websitehere’s what I thought of it, but you don’t have to take my word for it, check out the thoughts of More Cowbell and Twangville too.

News this week of Neil Young finally winning a Grammy, bitter sweet given his contribution to music, just further proof of the farcical nature of the majority of mainstream media awards, the award for “Best Art Direction…” was shared with Gary Burden and Jenice Heo, Neil Young News posted this earlier this week, along with links to Gary Burden’s in depth look at the art and packaging for Neil Young Archives.
Neil Young News
Archives – Sustainability
Archives – Collaborating
Archives – Design

Danny & The Champions of the World released the follow up to the 2008 self titled album, the new one has been garnering great press and justly so, another contender in my opinion. Front Porch Musings has the story and tracks streaming here, buy it at Loose

Lucinda Williams – Soundstage Performance

Having posted last year the Kasey Chambers contribution to this Soundstage performance, here’s the other part to go with it from Americana legend Lucinda Williams, I was late to Lu’s music first taking notice of her fifth release the Grammy award winning album Car Wheels on a Gravel Road which won Best Contemporary Folk Album in 1998 (this is the same category that Neko Case is nominated for in this year’s Grammy’s for Middle Cyclone), the album was re-packaged, remastered and released in deluxe form in 2006 to include three bonus tracks and a 13 song live set. Car Wheels remains a favourite album of mine and is a seminal release in the genre, a read of the credits for this album tells the story, Gulf Morlix, Steve Earle, Greg Leisz, Buddy Miller, Emmylou, Jim Lauderdale, Charlie Sexton.

This broadcast set from the July 2003 performance at PBR’s Soundstage includes tracks from Lucinda’s albums, Essence,  World Without Tears and Car Wheels.


World Without Tears


Bleeding Fingers


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Van Meter – Should’ve Been A Weather Girl

One of the evolutions of my musical tastes over the last few years has been the shift from male dominated vocals to female, with the release of Van Meter’s début album Should’ve Been A Weathergirl I’ve another to add to the list of alt-country flavoured female favourites with Jennifer van Meter sitting comfortably in the zone with Lucinda Williams, Gina Villalobos, Kathleen Edwards, Kasey Chambers and Vanessa Peters.

The Maryland based singer/songwriter was inspired to pick up and play a Strat by her uncle, she moved on from hitting that first G-chord to later study music at East Tennessee State University, the album itself was produced at Mill Creek Studio Annapolis by Noel White who also handles drums and features a bunch of accomplished  musicians including Ruben Dobbs (guitar), Jimmy Jacobs (keyboards) and Dave Hadley (pedal steel). You get plenty of heartache for your buck on this set of songs, the album’s full of tales of love lost and misunderstood, broken hearts and promises, all the tracks are Jennifer van Meter originals and while not breaking new ground this album sets the bar high for aspiring artists and promises much for the future, my pick from the album – with an aching vocal washed with steel guitar Suckerpunch, you can check out some more tunes below on the Tunecore widget or better still get yourself a copy of the CD from here.

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