What’s Kickin’ – Volume 5


The What’s Kickin’ series of CD’s reached number five last year and the quintet are all in my collection, they are wonderful representation of the music collectively called Americana and the eclectic compilations feature music performed by artists associated with the What’s Kickin’ club nights that have been at the forefront of the UK roots music scene in London for a number of years, the CD’s were produced to act as an companion to the live show that have now being re-established at The Crown in Leytonstone, not only are there some great tracks (often exclusives) from familiar and favorite artists but also some fantastic below-the-radar ones too which always get me digging around to find out more and invariably making a purchase or three.

The events themselves have established a reputation for hosting early gigs for a number of well-known acts including Pete Molinari, Damien Jurado, Southern Tenant Folk Union, Smoke Fairies, The Broken Family Band, John Murray and She Keeps Bees as well as a number of Beat Surrender favourites including The Lucky Strikes, Cusack, Leeroy Stagger, Redlands Palomino Co, Cam Penner, Old Lost John and Quiet Loner amongst others.

Volume 5 of the series has being re-launched to coincide with the return of What’s Cookin’ to the London music scene and acts as a great introduction to what you can expect at the live shows and will open-the-door to some great new music for the discerning listener.

1. Phillious Williams – Old Black Bell
2. Society – Fools End
3. Benjamin Folke Thomas – Another Day Of Being Lonesome (Another Day Of Being Blue)
03 Another Day Of Being Lonesome (Another Day Of Being Blue)
4. The Singing Adams – Brothers And Sisters
5. Treetop Flyers – Long Cold Winter
6. Hightown Crows – Stumbledown Stairs
7. Charlie Parr – Mastodon
8. Yngve & The Innocent – Pretending I Had Faith
9. Darrell Bath – Clinging On
10. The Nightingales – Ghost
11. Molly’s Daggers – Turn To Stone
11 Molly’s Daggers
12. Cowbell – All In Good Time
13. Lucas Renney – She Gives Me The Chills
14. Ian Thomas – Before The Sun Goes Down
15. The Whispering Pines – The Branches!
16. Lowlands – Gotta Be (Something Out There)
17. Otis Gibbs – Cross Country
18. The Lucky Strikes – Blood On The Estuary
19. Los Chicos – What’s Cookin’

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Jack Day – The First Ten

The London based Bucketful of Brains label is assembling an ever increasing roster of top quality singer-songwriters, Jack Day joins fellow artists John Murry, Trent Miller and Benjamin Folke Thomas for the release of his debut album The First Ten, the North London born troubadour began his musical journey whilst living in Brighton then later playing at the Lantern Society formerly run by Beat Surrender favourite Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – before Day himself took over the running of the club.

The album was recorded at Bark Studios in NE London with sound engineer Brian O’Shaughnessy (Beth Orton, Primal Scream, Denim) utilising vintage mics, a Fender valve amp for the telecaster and an upright joanna – the end result is a lovely warm sound that perfectly frames Day’s world weary vocals and lyrics that suggest an experience far beyond his years, the upright piano (played by Graham Knight) and Day’s vocals combining on the wonderful No One Moves Like You is one album highlight for me and the ‘single’ that’s out now on iTunes Shadows in the Sun another – Day is also helped out on the recording by Bryony Afferson who provides harmony vocals on another favourite from the album Just a Little Time and Pepe Belmonte on harmonica – get a strong feeling this album is one that will stay with this listener for the duration.

Given the recording method and use of vintage kit is fitting there’s a vinyl issue too, – ahead of the albums official January 14th UK release The Greatest Records are offering the 12″ of The First Ten on a limited edition run – including white vinyl.

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John Murry – The Graceless Age

The Graceless Age - John Murry

Seems an age ago when I saw John Murry playing last, with Bob Frank at The Little Civic in WV1 – sure it was as support to Richmond Fontaine -but my mind’s maybe playing tricks, the album he released with Bob Frank murder ballads about real murders makes for great listening, seek it out if your not familiar (hint), to the point Murry is back with an new album The Graceless Age which is out on Bucket of Brains.

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