Israel Nash Gripka – New York Town

Heard about this album through a positive review over at Americana UK, it’s available through iTunes or even better still you can get a hard copy over at CDBaby or Amazon,the album entered the Euro Americana Chart this week and is getting some great reviews.
The albums full of quality songs, well written and well played, earthy roots rock with a powerful vocal the album has become an instant favourite of mine.The opening track “Evening” is themed americana a four minute soundtrack of a guys attempts to earn an honest living despite constant turns of bad-luck, he battles on before the inevitable….. , “Bricks” has a great hooky chorus to sing along to, both of these tracks are linked below and are posted with the artists permission, you can listen to another couple of tracks over at Myspace.

There are comparisons to be made here, Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Mellencamp but this guy’s songs are very good and stand up on their on merits, highly recommended.

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