Holmes – Burning Bridges

Beat Surrender favourite Holmes release their new album April 13th, available a digital download, CD or on premium 180 gram vinyl, if you’re not familiar with the Swedish Americana outfit you can download a few freebies at Bandcamp – check them out, their last album is excellent and this one is sounding good too.

Odds N Ends

Not that I’m gloating or trying to be a smug git, but this year I am Mr. Organized, three weeks plus to go until Christmas and I’m done with my shopping, for the first time ever I’m sorted with no sign of a panic or last minute dash to the shops in sight, so Christmas stress levels should be at an all time low, leaving me to spend hours pouring over my best of 2010 lists and I’ve started thinking about putting together this years and immediately procrastination reared it’s combative head and left with the usual dilemma of what to pick and where to place it, this year is proving on first look very vexing the blog was never meant to focus on one particular genre (the old adage there are only two types of music) but this year I have moved away from the twang a little, not intentional just the way things have developed and a reflection of the fact Beat Surrender is getting lots of emails across the gamut of genres, I’ve tried to keep up and listen to as much as I can but it’s getting to a point where I have to make more and more one listen decisions on whether to give over any time to get involved with some requests and despite my best efforts I’ve not being able to get back to everyone and no doubt will regret not giving some submissions more time and attention, but hey it’s not like it’s a chore if it gets that way I’ll stop.

So anyway, should you be struggling for a suitable gift for the a discerning music fan, something with a little seasonal perhaps? ,then here’s a few suggestions you may want to consider whilst you wait for me to publish Beat Surrender‘s official top fifty of 2010.

Scottish power-pop band Dropkick are releasing a festive 7″ (red vinyl of course) Christmas EP this year on Swedish label Sound Asleep Records. “25th December” will feature 4 new songs: “I May Never” (featuring guest vocals from Alice Marra Clark of The Hazey Janes), “Up On The Hill”, “When Santa Comes Round” and “Christmas In The Cross”. A download version is also available featuring alternative artwork and two previously released bonus tracks “Writing To Santa” and “Scampi For Xmas” (I love this tune).

You can order the vinyl or download at Dropkick’s web site

Swedish Americana band Holmes are have made available a Christmas track on their Bandcamp page where you can still download all of their albums on a pay what you want basis as well as buy CDs, vinyl and t-shirts.

And from across the water a festive offering from Knoxville’s Scott Miller in the form of a seven track EP available at his store here where you can try before you buy.

1. The Kingdom Has Come – Journey of the Magi
2. Yes Virginia (S. Miller)
3. Christmas in Prison (J. Prine)
4. Joyful, Joyful (p.d. arr S. Miller)
5. Old Toy Trains (R. Miller)
6. Star of Bethlehem (N. Young)
7. Holy, Holy, Holy (p.d. arr S. Miller)

Holmes – Full catalogue on Bandcamp

Swedish Americana band Holmes have just put all their records as “name your price”-downloads on Bandcamp

Follow these links:

Have I Told You Lately That I Loathe You


So Far, So So

We’re Getting Older / Born 7″

Storm EP

You can still buy CD’s, vinyl and t-shirts too.

Have I Told You Lately That I Loathe You in vinyl format is fantastic and the packaging is sweet too.

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