Hannalee – Morchella

Morchella - Hannalee

“Blending the sounds of traditional folk music with elements of dark, but optimistic, neverland whimsy, Hannalee creates a unique music strange and familiar all at once. The magical three part harmonies of married couple Michael Notter (guitar, ukulele vocals), Anna –Lisa Notter (ukulele, dulcimer, vocals, percussion) and long-time friend Fidelia Rowe (vocals, percussion) wrap around the ears like a favorite childhood blanket and send one off to bed to dream enchanted dreams. Morchella (Spring) is the third in the series of Seattle folk roots trio Hannalee’s seasonal EP offerings”

Winter and Fall


Hannalee – Brassica

Hannalee - Brassica

Just when I thought it a little late to be posting anything winter themed the vagaries of the UK weather have provided an ideal opportunity to talk about the second instalment of the seasonally themed EP’s from Seattle folk-roots trio Hannalee.

Following on from the Autumn EP Cucurbita the Winter themed Brassica offers a warming collection of three-part harmonies, the EP opens with a short short ode to winter Its Snowing to set the mood before opening out into my favourite track from the EP, the 60’s tinged folk-pop number Born Again , there are further pair of themed tracks that sit either side of a sweet love song Baby Come Home and a beautiful quasi-hymnal closer Shine, looking forward to Spring.

Hannalee – Cucurbita EP

We enjoyed a lot the four seasons themed EP’s released by Larkin Poe in 2010/2011 (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), and now here’s another seasonal treat for you from Seattle folk trio Hannalee who released the first in a series of EP’s coinciding with the seasons in the fall of 2012, Cucurbita.

The EP’s are a result of a twist in the career of bands lead vocalist and songwriter Michael Notter who was living the rock ‘n’ roll dream flying all around the US with indie-rock band Motopony before another key member of the band left for pastures new, leaving Notter to return home to Seattle where he turned his creative energies back to dreamy folk trio, Hannalee who he had formed in 2010 with wife Anna-Lisa and childhood friend Fidelia Rowe.

If the the Fall EP Cucurbita is a marker for quality then there is much to look forward to in the Winter, Spring and Summer EP’s that are planned to role out during 2013, the six-track release manages to capture the autumnal mood and blends folk elements from both sides of the Atlantic into an eclectic and pleasing release, for purchases of physical product each release will be screen printed with original artwork and there’s vinyl too!


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