The Running Kind “The Girl For All The World” (Bossonova Music Records 2010)


Gram Parsons’ Cosmic American music legacy is alive and well and continues to permeate it’s genius, getting soaked up and reworked by today’s alt-country purveyors, The Running Kind show their colours with an honourable version of Return of the Grievous Angel one of three covers on the bands ten track sophomore release, the others are Shakey’s Don’t Cry No Tears and George Jones’ Life to Go, if you factor in the band name you can take a good guess of what’s on offer on The Girl For All The World.

The album is a solid mix of countrified rock, honky tonk and 70’s country radio, at the band’s centre are husband and wife duo Matt and Leslie Ann Bosson, Matt takes credit for the albums original songs and Leslie provides the lions share of the vocals, the pair are supported by band members George Alexander (electric guitar), Mitsuru “Neil” Fukusawa (drums, percussion, mandolin) Frank San Filippo (upright and Fender Bass, mandolin, Kevin Smith (keys) with added twang from Darlin’ Jim Damery (dobro) and John Groover McDuffle (pedal steel).

The album is out officially next month, though you can pick up copies from the band at their gigs, the CD will be available through CDBaby, check the band’s Homepage for more information and updates.

My pick. Don’t That Make No Sense

I See Hawks in LA – Shoulda Been Gold (Collectors’ Choice)

January 26th will see the release of Shoulda Been Gold the fifth album from Californian country-rockers I See Hawks in LA, a 17 track tongue-in-cheek greatest hits collection that takes in tunes from the bands previous albums as well as five new tracks, so you get the best of both worlds as the band, Rob Waller (guitar , lead vocals), Paul Lacques (guitar, vocals), Paul Marshall (bass, vocals) and Shawn Nourse (drums), take you on a 80 minute Cosmic American ride through their song repertoire old and new.

The guitars twang and shimmer around three part harmonies and fiddle, there are hooky choruses a plenty as the band play out their musical manifesto that calls heavily on the influence of Gram Parsons era Byrds and  Flying Burrito Brothers, what they do they do very well with excellent writing and consummate playing this a glorious collection of country rock originals, including my pick  Humboldt

Check out the band at their website and Myspace for more tracks and get yourself a copy of the CD from the band’s shop