Perry Brown – Become My Blood

One of my very favourite America songs of the last few years has being Fire Mountain’s Doing Fine a track which has being in my iTunes Top25 Most Played pretty much from its release week in 2014, so I was more than happy when gifted a copy of the debut solo release from the bands frontman and songwriter Perry Brown.

The songs on Become My Blood were crafted while writing and recording for Fire Mountain’s next album and it would have being a lost opportunity not to release the tracks that didn’t quite resonate with the band album’s more “muscular, alt-country-ish rock” sound, but lets be straight here, the songs on this album are not throwaways or leftovers they’re good, very good in fact,  introspectively tinted, solicitous, sonically melancholic, an album for those reflective moments, stop, breathe, recall what you have and cherish those little victories.

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Fire Mountain – All Dies Down

Fire Mountain - All Dies Down

All Dies Down is the debut full length release from Alabama folk-rockers Fire Mountain and follows the bands EP, Of The Dust which we featured on Beat Surrender a couple of years ago, in the intervening period the band have spent their time writing songs for All Dies Down – a number of which have appeared in demo form on the bands Soundcloud page giving a glimpse of what to expect, the recordings were finalised during late 2013 at Ol Elegante studios in Birmingham, Alabama and the resulting album is a fine collection that flows effortlessly along on a sea of sweet melodies and killer hooks – exemplified by my favourite track of the album and one of my favourites of 2014 Doing Fine.

“We tend to write a lot about life changes,” says Brown. “Our previous albums have been about changes and All Dies Down is no different. This album focuses mostly on the shift that occurs when you start to settle down in life and have to learn to get over yourself in order to live with another person.”

The album’s out on the now on This Is American Music and available via Bandcamp to pre-order now,

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Fire Mountain – All Dies Down – Pledge

Posted about Fire Mountain back in 2012 and their excellent EP Of the Dust the band have just recorded their debut album, All Dies Down and are raising funds via a Pledge campaign to finish the production and cover the printing costs, check it out and make a pledge here, definitely worth getting behind.

For the past two years lead vocalist Perry Brown and the members of Fire Mountain have been writing songs for this record and posting preview demos to their Soundcloud page. Although rough tracks, these demos give their listeners and fans an idea of how All Dies Down will sound. Growing musically since their EP, Of The Dust, All Dies Down was recorded in the second half of 2013 in Birmingham, Alabama with help from Lester Nuby and songwriter Arthur Alligood, the album showcases the new wisdom Fire Mountain has gained through starting their families and other life experiences.

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