FBFY Feb 2014


Title: Misery Over Dispute
Artist: Waxahatchee
Album (year): Cerulean Salt (2013)
Submitted By: Truersound
Comments: The things you pickup hanging around a record store

Title: Oyster and Pearl
Artist: Amy Ray
Album (year): Goodnight Tender (2014)
Submitted By: @philnorman
Comments: Most of Amy Ray’s non-Indigo Girls solo work skews Hüsker-Dyke, but this new country effort is full of great songs.

Title: Єлена (Elena)
Artist: ДахаБраха & Port Mone
Album (year): Хмелева Project [2012]
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: This project by two Ukrainian bands (DakhaBrakha from Kyiv and Port Mone from Minsk) began with joint rehearsals in the Dniester River canyon amid snow-white flowered trees, hills of red clay and restless spring birds. Khmeleva Project is an exploration of traditional Ukrainian music and instrumentation driven by a “boldly go where no one has gone before” sensibility. Take a trip on the ethno-chaos train!

Title: Crazy
Artist: The Delta Saints
Album (2014): Drink it Slow EP
Submitted By: @popa2unes
Comments: 9 mins of killer blues from their recent 3 song Noisetrade EP get it!

Title: Cozmina
Artist: Otis Gibbs
Album (year): Souvenirs of a Misspent Youth (2014)
Submitted By: @BoogieStudio22
Comments: Otis Gibbs’ new album, Souvenirs of a Misspent Youth, is my first of the new year. A top-notch set of ten storytelling songs. It was tough to pick just one song so I chose the first track.

Title: False From True
Artist: Pete Seeger
Album: At 89 (1989):
Submitted By: @tincanman2010
Comments: The ‘uncle of modern folk music’ died last week, his combination of talent, humility and political stubborness unparralled. He wrote recorded this song in 1968 in traditional protest style, and reinvented it for his spunky, Grammy winning 89, at age 89. YuoTube tip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFLMpzIoq7s)

Title: Mission From God
Artist: Pujol
Album (year): United States Of Being (2012)
Submitted By: annieTUFF
Comments: These guys are rowdy fun.

Title: Now You’re Defeated
Artist: American Music Club
Album: California (1988)
Submitted By: toomuchcountry
Comments: As I submit this, the Super Bowl looms just a few hours away. But on Monday, many will be licking their wounds. Seattle or Denver will be wondering ‘what if…”. Gamblers will be lighter in the wallet. Homeowners will be pissed at friends for having wrecked their place during SB parties. Corporate America will be distraught as consumers can’t remember products and services advertised in overpriced, memorable commercials. And New Jersey will again lose to New York City despite actually hosting the game. When all that defeat happens, I will feel bad for you…kinda.

Title: It’s Gonna Be Easy
Artist: Doug Sahm
Album: Doug Sam and Band (1973)
Submitted By: Trailer – farcethemusic.com

Title: Glass Armour
Artist: Laura Cantrell
Album (year): Title: No Way There From Here (2014)
Submitted By: Simon www.beat-surrender.com
Comments: Always being a huge fan of Laura Cantrell and her latest
album is no exception, this track’s a co-write with another favourite
Tracyanne Campbell of Camera Obscura

Title: Southern United States
Artist: Leif Vollebekk
Album: North Americana (2014)
Submitted By: Mad Mackerel Music Blog
Comments: A lovely slice of thoughtful, conversational, rambling Americana that wouldn’t have been out of place on an early 70s Dylan album.

Title: “Motel”
Artist: Hayden
Album (year): Us Alone (2013)
Submitted By: TheSecondSingle
Comments: Great song from the consistently great Canadian singer-songwriter that I wish I’d heard before making my year-end list.

Title: Insane in the Brain
Artist: Cypress Hill
Album (year): Black Sunday (1993)
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz
Comments: Get out of your winter funk and shake your ass.

Title: Coal Tattoo
Artist: Hazel Dickens
Album (Year): A Few Old Memories (1990)
Submitted By: Truersound
Comments: for WV, for Pete

Feel Bad For You – January 2014 Mixtape

FBFY Jan 2014

FBFY January is live and awaiting your ears, this month’s selection is a collection of the contributors favourite tracks of 2013 – enjoy.


Title: Cornmeal Waltz
Artist: Guy Clark
Album (year): My Favorite Picture of You (2013)
Submitted By: @tincanman2010
Comments: Suggesting the man Emmylou Harris calls “the poet laureate of cowboy songs” could top his best work is ludicrous. So call me ludicrous. It’s a painting (yeah, yeah…mangled poet-painter metaphor..tell someone whio cares) that tricks all 5 senses into thinking you are there.

Title: Most People
Artist: Dawes
Album (year): Stories Don’t End (2013)
Submitted By: @philnorman
Comments: No one here needs another reminder of how good Isbell’s Southeastern album is. And I already submitted a track from my other favorite album the year, Raina Rose’s Caldera. So here’s a track from an album and a band that has grown on me lately. Sometimes I get annoyed at Dawes’ slobbering homage to the sounds of Jackson Browne, but this is a damn good tune and a damn fine message.

Title: Never Enough
Artist: Trixie Whitley
Album (year): Fourth Corner (2013)
Submitted By: @BoogieStudio22
Comments: I stumbled on to Trixie Whitley through the Daytrotter site (Daytrotter.com) in early 2013 and immediately fell for her voice. I picked up her 2012 EP, The Engine, and her 2013 full-length, Fourth Corner. I was going back to her EP and LP, over and over, all year.

Title: Far And Slow
Artist: T. Rogers
Album (year): Simple Lijfe [2013]
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: Fine band, not from around here, but they know their way around and inside and
through the blues. Their name is based on the Hungarian word “troger”, meaning someone with
a relaxed attitude towards life. Keb’ Mo’ joins them on the song “Angelina.”
Some tracks from the album available for free (or donation) here: http://trogers.hu/index.html

Title: Drive All Night (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Artist: Glen Hansard
Album (year): Drive All Night EP (2003)
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz
Comments: Mr. Hansard quietly put out a short EP late this past November that went under the radar for a lot of people. This cover is more of a tribute to The Boss and features Eddie Vedder and Joe Henry on background vocals, plus Jake Clemons (nephew of Clarence) on sax.

Title: Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song
Artist: Amos Lee
Album (year):
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz
Comments: I completely missed this album until late in 2013. This beautiful song features Patty Griffin on background vocals.

Title: Red Rose Nantahala
Artist: Hiss Golden Messenger
Album (Year): Haw (2013)
Submitted By: Truersound
Comments: The guitar work on this…it sears a gigantic chasm into my skullbones

Title: Sad Days Lonely Nights
Artist: Left Lane Cruiser & James Leg
Album (2013): Pain Killers
Submitted By: @popa2unes
Comments: No comment it speaks for itself and me

Title: Splinters
Artist: Austin Lucas
Album: Stay Reckless (2013)
Submitted By: Trailer
Comments: This one just hurts all over.

Title: Miss Watson
Artist: Semi-Twang
Album: The Why And What For (2013)
Submitted By: toomuchcountry
Comments: I heard several good ‘uns in 2013 – many through some great performances at Couch By Couchwest. But for sheer fun, this one is right at the top of my list. ? Elementary Miss Watson / Let’s discuss this in my Datsun / You want love, I believe I got some / Elementary Miss Watson ?

Title: Neon Cathedral
Artist: Macklemore
Album (year): The Heist (2013)
Submitted By: Bryan Childs
Comments: Great writing transcends genres and this, simply, is a great song about alcohol and drinking culture.

Title: The Dream’s in the Ditch
Artist: Deer Tick
Album (year): Negativity (2013)
Submitted By: @mikebeebe
Comments: Got to see Deer Tick a couple of times last year, but the best had to be the After Show Party at Newport Blues Cafe on the final night of the Newport Folk Fest. It was just before Negativity was released and they played the whole thing front to back that night, followed up with some other DT favorites. Fun night, great show, and this song from the album in particular is one I keep going back to.

Title: The Highway
Artist: Holly Williams
Album (year): The Highway (2013)
Submitted By: Simon www.beat-surrender.com
Comments: My top two of tracks of 2013 have already made appearances on FBFY (Elephant / Song for Zula) so I’ve gone for this one from Holly Williams which according to iTunes is my third most played track for 2013.

Title: Tennessee
Artist: Great Peacock
Album (year): 2013 single off of their Spring 2014 release
Submitted by: Corey Flegel

Title: Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier
Artist: A.A.Bondy
Album: Divided & United: The Songs of the Civil War (2013)
Submitted By: Mad Mackerel Music Blog
Comments: From a sublime album of traditional civil war songs reinterpreted by some of today’s best artists comes this ghostly, echoing track by A.A.Bondy that is as good as anything we heard over the whole year.

Feel Bad For You – November 2013 Mixtape

Feel Bad For You November 2013

Just in time for the weekend here’s this month’s FBFY offering for your enjoyment.

Big thanks and appreciation to Scott for putting this together for us this month, and for letting me get away with an extra helping.


1. Title: Black Star (Radiohead cover)
Artist: Gillian Welch
Album (Year): Black Star EP (2006)
Submitted by: @TheSecondSingle
Comments: A beautiful cover of a great song from my favorite Radiohead album. Very hard for anyone to take a Radiohead song and make it their own, particularly an alt. country artist, but Welch does it.
[Editor’s note: I missed this last month, for the covers mix, so added it this month]

2. Title: Finally
Artist: The Frames
Album (Year): Burn the Maps (2004)
Submitted By: April @ Now This Sound Is Brave
Comments: With the stellar success of the film “Once”, Glen Hansard has become known mostly for his sweet, melancholic journeys through the heart with Maketa Irglova. But Hansard has been making music with his band the Frames for over 20 years, and the thing that I love most about the Frames’ music is the unvarnished anger that comes through at times. Hansard is an amazing conduit for strong emotion, and the song “Finally” acted as a cleansing fire for me in the aftermath of a relationship. Because sometimes spitting rage is the only thing that helps you get over and get on with it.

3. Title: Normal Person
Artist: Arcade Fire
Album: Reflektor (2013)
Submitted By: @tincanman2010
Comments: A big, bold song that holds its own with the best of Neil Young’s grunge period, a stompin’ corker that builds energey as it plays. The keen self-promoters have been performing in ‘secret’ shows and late-night TV as The Reflektors.

4. Title: Preach
Artist: American Dirt
Album: Heavy Thought And Riddle (2013)
Submitted By: Romeo Sid Vicious
Comments: Had some rough times lately. This song, along with a few others, really helped me through some of those nights. I really like the sentiment this one brings.

5. Title: Heavy Music Part 1
Artist: Bob Seger & The Last Heard
Album (1967): Single
Submitted By: @popa2unes
Comments: Released as a single by Bob Seger & The Last Heard in the summer of 1967, two different vocal takes of the song (using the same instrumental track) were released together on either side of the single, with the names “Heavy Music Part 1″ and “Heavy Music Part 2.” Both versions were later edited together and released on Seger’s album Smokin’ O.P.’s, long after his tenure with The Last Heard. An eight minute fourteen second-long live version of the song is featured on the album Live Bullet with the Silver Bullet Band. The bass line, played by both a bass guitar and a piano, which producer Doug Brown created for the song after Seger had written the lyric.

6. Title: Liberty Bell
Artist: The Gathering
Album (year): How to Measure a Planet? (1999)
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: This song is another reason to love The Netherlands. Also, it makes me think of Deborah Berg of Eye To Eye, another voice that goes through me like a scythe through butter.

7. Title: Come the Meantimes
Artist: Elvis Costello & The Roots
Album (year): Wise Up Ghost (2013)
Submitted By: @philnorman
Comments: Elvis is still the king. What a cool collaboration. This whole record just jams.

8. Title: Hold Tight
Artist: Fats Waller
Album (year): Bluebird B-10116 (1939)
Submitted By: @Truersound
Comments: Fuck this shit, I want some seafood

9. Title: Duck and Cover
Artist: Glen Phillips
Album: Winter Pays For Summer (2005)
Submitted By: @toomuchcountry
Comments: No official theme for November 2013 FBFY. But this song has a bit of a Thanksgivingish feel to me. A solid number from the former frontman for Toad The Wet Sprocket.

10. Title: More the man I used to be
Artist: The Tremolo Beer Gut
Album (year): Nous Sommes The Tremolo Beer Gut….Qui Le Fuck Etes Vous (2008)
Submitted By: @annieTUFF
Comments: Sometimes I wanna wear my hair in a beehive hair-do.

11. Title: Can’t Slow Down
Artist: Randy Rogers Band
Album (Year): Rollercoaster (early 2000′s)
Submitted by: Gorrck
Comments: Randy Rogers has been getting heavy rotation on my pandora list. Got this album several years ago and it still holds up well.

12. Title: Days of Heaven
Artist: Phosphorescent
Album: Live at KEXP @Pickathon (2013)
Submitted by: @TheSecondSingle
Comments: Great acoustic cover of a fairly obscure Randy Newman demo (only released on Newman’s box set).

13. Title: Pawnshops
Artist: Todd Farrell Jr and The Dirty Birds
Album (year): All My Heros Live In Vans (2013)
Submitted By: @TheOtherBrit
Comments: I love this song because it’s about loving all the same music I love.

14. Title: Waiting For The Man
Artist: Velvet Underground
Album (1969): Live at Boston Tea Party, Jan. 10, 1969
Submitted By: @popa2unes
Comments: There are rebels, then there is Lou Reed

15. Title: Street Hassle: Waltzing Matilda/Street Hassle/Slipaway
Artist: Lou Reed
Album (year): Street Hassle (1978)
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz
Comments: Is everyone submitting Lou Reed this month? Good! This crazy song is the embodiment of Lou Reed – it’s a mini-rock opera with a killer orchestral string riff, noise rock on top of the strings, storytelling, and Dylan-esque vocals. Throw in an uncredited vocal by Bruce Springsteen, and overlay late 1970s New York’s drug and economic problems, and you have a poetic masterpiece.

16. Title: Lady Day
Artist: Lou Reed
Album (year): 1974-05-14 Konserthuset Stockholm, Sweden [bootleg]
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: band members were Lou Reed – vocals, Danny Weis – guitar, Prakash John – bass guitar, Penti “Whitey” Glan – drums, Michael Fonfara – keyboards

17. Title: I’m Waiting For My Man
Artist: Lou Reed
Album (year): 1974-05-14 Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden [bootleg]
Submitted By: hoosier buddy

18. Title: Egg Cream
Artist: Lou Reed
Album: Set The Twilight Reeling (1996)
Submitted By: The Mad Mackerel Music Blog
Comments: Like many others I’m sure, Lou Reed was one of those momentous musical discoveries that you make when you know immediately it will shape your listening habits profoundly. From The Velvets debut through to his collection of great 70s albums, Lou Reed soundtracked much of my teenage years and for that I will always be grateful. Even now any band submitting music to our blog claiming a VU influence will automatically get a listen. His death was a prompt to trawl back through those memories and to dust off and rediscover some great tunes that had been unplayed for too long – I’ve picked Egg Cream from Set The Twilight Reeling because its squalling, fuzzy angry guitar set against a nostalgic Brooklyn memory of frothy egg creams is as perfect a contradiction as the great man himself.

19. Title: Sunday Morning
Artist: The Velvet Underground & Nico
Album (year): The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)
Submitted by: Simon @ www.beat-surrender.com
Comments: First track from the first album.

20. Title: Sunday Morning
Artist: Elizabeth Cook
Album (year): Balls (2007)
Submitted by: Simon @ www.beat-surrender.com
Comments: Had thought about submitting Elizabeth Cook’s lovely cover of The Velvet Underground’s ‘Sunday Morning’ for the FBFY cover track last month – so i’ve included it as a ‘bonus’ track to this months submission, hoping that Scott will let me get away with it [NOTE: Scott let him get away with it ]

21. Title: Heroin
Artist: The Velvet Underground & Nico
Album (year): The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)
Submitted by: @BoogieStudio22
Comments: One of my (and my oldest daughter’s; I raised her right ) favorite VU songs.

22. Title: Dime Store Mystery
Artist: Lou Reed
Album: New York (1989)
Submitted By: @BoogieStudio22
Comments: New York was the first Lou Reed album I ever heard. Yeah… I know. Late to the game. Lots of great songs, but this is my favorite off this album.

Feel Bad For You – October 2013 Mixtape


Cover Version Special for this months FBFY, big thanks to Annie @AnnieTUFF for the artwork and Scott @BoogieStudio2 for curating.


1. Title: Love Hurts
Artist: Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris
Album: Grievous Angel (1974)
Submitted By: @toomuchcountry
Comments: On Thursday, September 19, I took in a show at The 5 Spot featuring several of East Nashville’s great singer-songwriters. Included on the bill were Amelia White and Jon Byrd. She reminded the audience the evening was the 40th anniversary of Gram Parsons’ death. Then Byrd sang the Everly Brothers’ “Love Hurts” – a song Parsons recorded during sessions in 1973 and eventually released in 74 as Grievous Angel.

2. Title: It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It)
Artist: Banda Do Sul; Natascha
Album (year): Bossa n’ Stones, Vol. 2 [2006]
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: There are two compilation albums of bossa nova covers of Rolling Stones songs, and of the 24 covers, this is my favorite track. The breathy vocal, the percussion, the flute trills…confection perfection. Strangely un-ironic.

3. Title: Whipping Post (Allman Brothers)
Artist: The Blind Owl Band
Album (2013): Live at The Shaskeen 2013-08-29
Submitted By: @popa2unes
Comments: BOB is fast becoming my favorite new band. The whole 2+ hour set is available for free on my blog ifin you want it.

4. Title: If You Catch Me Stealing
Artist: Eilen Jewell
Album (year): Letters From Sinners & Strangers (2007)
Submitted By: @tincanman2010
Comments: Pick a fave cover tune? And risk having my 9,000 other faves organize a coup against me? Nice try, bastard. This is an original that stitches together several of Jewell’s favourite Bessie Smith songs. I trust it will keep everybody happy.

5. Title: Telephone (Lady GaGa)
Artist: The Morning Pages
Album (year):
Submitted By: Bryan Childs (ninebullets.net)
Comments: Not my “favorite” cover song ever but it is a fun one.

6. Title: Down By The River
Artist: Indigo Girls
Album (year): Live bootleg, Bogart’s, Cincinnati, OH, April 13, 1993
Submitted By: @philnorman
Comments: Haters gonna hate.

7. Title: It’s a Long Way to the Top
Artist: Lucinda Williams (AC/DC cover)
Album (year): Little Honey (2008)
Submitted By: @mikeorren
Comments: I’m a cover junkie. But for me this one surpasses all and transcends the original.

8. Title: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
Artist: Devo
Album (year): Greatest Hits (1990)
Submitted by: @BoogieStudio22
Comments: I first heard this on Saturday Night Live back in the late 70s. I was floored by this version of the Stones’ hit. It was probably the first cover where I realized a band could reinvent a song in their own style and make it even better. I loved it. My friends hated it.

9. Title: Wonderwall
Artist: Ryan Adams
Album (year): Love Is Hell, Pt. 1 (EP) (2003)
Submitted by: @BoogieStudio22
Comments: I always thought the Oasis version was kind of a whiny and unimpressive affair. Ryan took the song to a new place of absolute, aching love. I was driving to work when this song started playing. I pulled over to the side of the road to listen to it over and over. Ryan owns this song now and it is better for it.

10. Title: Fearless
Artist: Gerald Collier
Album (year): Gerald Collier (1998)
Submitted by: @BoogieStudio22
Comments: Gerald Collier pops up again. Gerald usually has at least one cover on each of his albums. I’m a fan of early-ish Pink Floyd. Though it is not a reinvention of Pink Floyd’s version, I thoroughly enjoy Gerald’s take on it.

11. Title: Ooby Dooby
Artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Album: Cosmo’s Factory
Submitted by: Brad
Comments: Originally done by Roy Orbison, but written by my English prof in the late 70s, Dick Penner, at Sun Records in Memphis in 50s. Reading James Joyce, Joyce Cary, Virginia Woolf with Dick was a trip for me, part of what made me who I am. Dick told us he was in grad school at Duke in the 60s, when he walked out to the mailbox one day, and there was a hefty check from Creedence, who put the song on their Cosmo’s Factory album. He went out and bought a car and rented a new apartment that day. Love ya, man. You encapsulate everything that was good about my college education.

12. Title: Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis
Artist: Neko Case
Album (year): New Coat of Paint — Tom Waits Tribute (2000)
Submitted By: Mike Beebe
Comments: I truly love good cover songs. There are so, so many to choose from but this is the first one that came to mind. Gorgeous.

13. Title: Baby Blue
Artist: Jay Farrar
Album (Year): Bootleg (no clue)
Submitted By: @Rockstar_Aimz
Comments: In honor of the end of Breaking Bad, here’s my boyfriend Jay covering Badfinger. I think I got this boot off of the Son Volt message board.

14. Title: 99 Red Balloons
Artist: 7 Seconds
Album (Year): Walk Together, Rock Together (1985)
Submitted By: @Rockstar_Aimz
Comments: For all the straight edgers in the house. I think it was 1989 when I went with a bunch of high school buddies to a 7 Seconds show somewhere in rural Wisconsin. I got home after curfew, got in trouble, but it was totally worth it.

15. Title: Tombstone Blues
Artist: Richie Havens
Album (year): I’m Not There Soundtrack (2007)
Submitted By: @Rockstar_Aimz
Comments: I could easily submit 25 Bob Dylan covers. This one is my favorite. Havens is the man, and this is possibly the best Dylan cover next to Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower.”

16. Title: Last Nite
Artist: Adele
Album (year): BBC One Live Lounge with Jo Whiley (2008)
Submitted By: @Rockstar_Aimz
Comments: Adele covering The Strokes? Yes, and the results are awesome.

17. Title: Superstar
Artist: Sonic Youth
Album (year): If I Were a Carpenter (1994)
Submitted By: @Rockstar_Aimz
Comments: The true mark of an excellent cover is making the song nearly unrecognizable from the original. In other words, making it your own. Sonic Youth kills it with this cover/arrangement of The Carpenters, making it even more interesting when told from a man’s perspective.

18. Title: I Can’t Stand It
Artist: The Cramps
Album (year): Bad Music For Bad People (1990)
Submitted By: @annieTUFF
Comments: I chose this because it was one of my favorite songs that I had no idea was a cover until I started looking into it. The song was originally by Charlie Feathers. Also a solid choice because I think it’s pretty near impossible to listen to The Cramps without doin’ a little shimmy and shake.

19. Title: I Think We’re Alone Now
Artist: Screeching Weasel
Album (year): Kill The Musicians (1995)
Submitted By: @annieTUFF
Comments: This one is a fun cover because while it was originally a hit in 1967 by Tommy James and The Shondells, it’s probably most well known from the Tiffany version in 1987. BUT this cover is great, I don’t know how many times I actually listened to this version before I actually realized what Screeching Weasel was covering…which is pretty perfect.

20. Title: Halo (Beyonce Cover)
Artist: Port O’Brien
Year: 2009
Submitted By: Mad Mackerel Music Blog
Comments: Choosing your favourite cover is a harder task than most. Having selected and then rejected a huge number of possibilities, we eventually settled on the much-missed Port O’Brien and their cover of Beyonce’s Halo – different enough to be bold, faithful enough to be recognisable, yet with a undeniable PO’B stamp all over it. Superb. Although on another day, Phosphorescent’s sublime version of Lucinda Williams’ Big Red Sun Blues might just have pipped it….

21. Title: Speed of Sound of Loneliness
Artist: Alabama 3 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alabama_3)
Album (year): Exile on Coldharbour Lane (1997)
Submitted By: Simon
Comments: Not sure if I’ll get away with this, but submitting two versions of the same cover as A3 / Alabama 3 take on John Prine’s Speed of the Sound of Loneliness in two very distinct versions (parental guidance required)

22. Title: Speed of Sound of Loneliness
Artist: Alabama 3 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alabama_3)
Album (year): Last Train to Mashville Vol2 (2003)
Submitted By: Simon
Comments: Not sure if I’ll get away with this, but submitting two versions of the same cover as A3 / Alabama 3 take on John Prine’s Speed of the Sound of Loneliness in two very distinct versions (parental guidance required)

23. Title: Eye of the Tiger
Artist: Paul Anka
Album (year): Rock Swings (2006?)
Submitted by: Gorrck
Comment: always fun to put this kind of crap into a mix and see if anyone picks up on it. Also good for shutting down the party at 3a.m. when you need to sleep. You’ll thank me later.

24. Title: 8 Miles High
Artist: Husker Du
Album (year): 8 Miles High Single (1984)
Submitted By: Ryan
Comments: THIS is what a cover is all about – a totally fresh take on the song. Long live the Du!

25. Title: One More Try
Artist: The Silks
Album (year): debut single 2013
Submitted By: @scratchedsoul
Comments: These guys are out of Providence, RI and have been the revelation of the year for me. I first heard of them because I read Paul Westerberg was producing their debut record. Westerberg sings lead on the b-side to their debut single which is this Rolling Stones cover (from 1965′s Out of Our Heads). They just released their debut record ‘Last American Band’ which is chock full of bad-ass, straight-up rock and roll.

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