Shook Twins – Window

After ‘sampling’ tracks via Bandcamp from the Shook Twins, Katelyn (Guitar, Slide, Glockenspiel, Mandolin, Vocals) and Laurie (Banjo, Guitar, vocals, beatboxing, bass, looping, ocarina, djembe) I was tempted by the sweet sibling harmonies into downloading their début album in full as part of this month’s eMusic quota, check out a trio of tracks from the album using the widget below.




Odds N Ends

Bit of street teaming for some for some artists that have got in touch through email or I’ve stumbled upon at MySpace and eMusic, or just plain forgot to mention before…………

Kicking it of with news of Swedish singer-songwriter Old Lost John is over in the UK and the end of May, info at his MySpace page.

Old Lost John @ MySpace
Old Lost John Homepage
Love this track from his Faceless album released last year.
More at SwedesPlease

Staying with Sweden with indie folk band Tula, really enjoyed the two tracks from the band and will be checking back regularly for more, missed out on their single release via Static Caravan
Tula @ MySpace

Moving westward to Iceland, described by Lucinda Williams as one of the best new artists she’d heard in years singer/songwriter Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir, Lay Low
Lay Low @ Myspace
Lay Low homepage

And further west to T. Nile a singer-songwriter banjo playing folkie from Vancouver BC, whose album who’s Cabin Song EP I recently picked up from eMusic and recommend you check out.
T. Nile @ MySpace
T. Nile homepage

American Aquarium "Small Town Hymns" (Last Chance Records 2010)

Taking their name from a lyric in the Wilco track I Am Trying To Break Your Heart from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (source), American Aquarium from Raleigh NC deliver their brand of alt-country neat and honest.

Small Town Hymns is the band’s fifth release following on from the excellent Dances for the Lonely (eMusic) released in 2009 – that album includes one of favourite rockers for sometime (just can’t resist belting it out at full volume when it blasts it’s way through the speakers)  “Katherine Belle

The creative juices have being flowing again and this year’s ten track no filler release is well worth checking out, it’s a more restrained album than the previous one –  but still has an edge and the quality level is right up there too, rocking and twanging in all the right places around the vocals and writing talent of front man BJ Barham. The album gets released May 1st and the band are kicking of a tour in support of the album with another Beat Surrender favourite Sons of Bill, details of the dates at the bands Myspace.

More love and honest opinion at NoD and Front Porch Musings

Jedd Hughes – S/T EP

I first came across Jedd Hughes name earlier this year when blogging about Guy Clark’s latest album Somedays the Song Writes You, I stumbled across the fellow again watching a Woodsong performance featuring Rodney Crowell, who was joined by Jedd (and Will Kimbrough) for the set, Rodney performed songs from his Houston Kid, Fate’s Right Hand and The Outsider albums for the main part of the show and then Jedd and Will got to perform a song of their own.

Suitably impressed with the song and performance and picked up Jedd’s latest EP from eMusic earlier this week. You can here Rodney Crowell influence rubbing of in the opening track from the EP I Want Your #35 excellent stuff and loads of promise for the future.

Jedd Hughes – Genevieve (Woodsongs Live)


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