Eastbound Jesus – Northern Rock

Eastbound Jesus - Northern Rock

The significance of Northern Rock in the UK is likely not to have got much news coverage in the US, after all they had their own financial problems to deal with, so this is not a album attacking the UK financial fuck-ups (though there is the odd profanity in the songs).

If you’re not familiar with the music of Eastbound Jesus via their excellent debut release Holy Smokes then theirs is a blend of alt-country, americana, bluegrass and country with a New York roots rock twist.

Northern Rock follows in the footsteps of Holy Smokes combining stompers, hollers, laid back laments and irresistible foot tappers, the six-piece Greenwich based band are Adam Brockway (guitar), Carl Anderson (drums) Anderson (banjo) Dylan Robinson (guitar), Dave Wright (bass) and Zack Infante (lap steel, guitar, mandolin) all six members contribute to the vocals, recommend you kick back, crack open the JD and have a listen.

Eastbound Jesus – Katie Belle




Eastbound Jesus – Holy Smokes

I came across these guys listening to a podcast at Americana Rock Mix, enjoyed the tracks I heard and the name was intriguing so I tagged the album on eMusic to follow up on, that was a couple of months back and I’d not got around to downloading the album before an email landed in my inbox from the band and I was prompted again to have a listen to Holy Smokes which is just as well because it’s a great album from the six-piece Greenwich, NY based band, a heady combination of alt-country, bluegrass and rock.

Holy Smokes is the band’s first studio album, they recorded their first in a bedroom in January last year using a pair of SM58’s the debut Greatest Hit’s Volume 1 is available at iTunes ,the bands albums appear to have been pulled from eMusic but you can listen to Holy Smokes in full at Bandcamp and download the album for a measly $5, definitely a band to keep an eye on for the future.


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