Vinyl Love – Drive-by Truckers – It’s Great To Be Alive!

Drive-by Truckers - It's Great To Be Alive

It’s a Great Time to Be Alive! is an epic 35 track 5 LP live deluxe album which was recorded over three nights at the historic Filmore Auditorium in San Francisco, there’s also a 13-track edition titled This Weekend’s the Night and a number of package options that are all up for pre-order on the band’s website, the album includes tracks stretching back to the Hood & Cooley band Adam’s House Cat band and right through to the band’s last last long player English Oceans. The album is set for release on October 30th, in the mean time Jason Thrasher has recently uploaded a lot of videos of the band to Vimeo and I’ve picked a couple to post here, for the rest click here.

Jay Gonzalez presents “The Bitter Suite” by Jay Gonzalez — Kickstarter

Jay Gonzalez (DBT’s keyboard maestro), is after funding to release The Bitter Suite, a 5 song rock medley that’ll be pressed on a limited edition run of 180 gram vinyl with a unique etching on the flip-side, if you’re going to ask for funding then I think he’s hit on the best way – great selling job.

Taste the Difference

The Bitter Suite. If it reaches the goal, it’ll be pressed onto 180 gram vinyl. Some folks may question the validity of vinyl, but, in my opinion, you can taste the difference…

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