Dig Deeper – August Afternoon

Scandinavia has long being a hot bed of Americana music and the Beat Surrender library holds a host of great music from the region, one of my favourite bands from Norway are the Willy Clay Band who have released a couple of great albums of roots country rock (and have plans for another according to their Facebook page) – there are similarities between the bands though Dig Deeper have a sound that rides a little more on the rock side of the tracks – the five piece band from Bergen / Oslo Dig Deeper released a couple of tracks earlier this year that appear on the album including one called Memphis that has become a real favourite of mine and now there’s an album to go with it August Afternoon which is a fine collection of original tracks released today in a limited edition run on 12″ vinyl.

All of the LP covers were hand created by artist Morten Engebretsen in collaboration with the band, using wood recycled from lead singer Einar Kaupang’s guitar all 500 covers come out as a unique wood print in five numbered / coloured series – available here, there will be a digital release too.



Vinyl Love – Dig Deeper “How You Spend Your Day”

Dig Deeper have featured on several occasions on Beat Surrender and the song Memphis is a real favourite of mine that has appeared on numerous personal mix tapes. The Bergen/Oslo based band are back with more of their patented Norwegian Mountain Rock – a heady blend of Americana with a psychedelic twist, the forthcoming release is out via Snertingdal Records on January the 23rd and clocks in at eight tracks fitting rather neatly onto the heavyweight vinyl.

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