David Lowery “The Palace Guards” (429 Records 2011)

There’s so much great music around at the moment and here’s another that was very immediate for me, ticking all the boxes is David Lowery’s album The Palace Guards, moving from college rock hero, to roots rock stalwart and now a college professor Lowery has written and recorded so many great tunes that get stuck in your head and on this album he manages it again, if your a fan of Cracker you’ll love this, on his website Lowery is keen to point out this is not a straight solo record.

“When I say Solo Record i should qualify this statement.  This record was very much a group effort.  Although many people played on this record,  it is largely the work of the staff of Sound of Music Studios.  In particular John Morand (engineer,  producer, percussion, programming, drums), Alan Weatherhead (lead guitar, banjo,  pedal steel.  keyboards, engineer, producer) and  Miguel Urbiztondo-Rodrigues (Drums and percussion).  Without these key collaborators this album would not exist.  There were many other notable guests who lent their efforts to this record, including  Mark Linkous, Sal Maida, David Immergluck, Kristin Hott and Shannon Worrell”

At only nine tracks long the album is a big tease and leaves you wanting more, be sure to check out 300 Songs where Lowery is giving a song-by-song history of his writing, also in the the works is a book based around 300 Songs – looking forward to that.

Here’s one from the album he didn’t write but fits seemlessly into the album, a cover of Mint’s Ah But You Left Me.

David Lowery – Ah You Left Me

For a mere €5 Euros you can pick up Mint’s album Magnetism at Bandcamp

Download at eMusic or buy through his website

Odds N Ends

Sons of Bill courtesy of Music Fog performing Santa Ana Winds.

Here’s a full-on version of the track.

The bands new album in the pipeline and is to be released later this year and is produced by David Lowery, if it’s on a par with the last record it’s going to be a cracker (wince)

Mr Lowery himself has a album out the title track Palace Guards has been made available as a teaser for the album.

David Lowery – The Palace Guards (buy)

If you’ve not checked it out yet have a look at his 300 Songs blog.

Okkervill River new album on Jagjaguwar is way off yet (info) but there’s a non-LP track called Mermaid released which has being posted on Soundcloud to enjoy in the interim and a video of a recent Fallon performance featuring another new track. More at Spin