Boca Chica – Get Out Of Sin City


Indie country from Pittsburgh band Boca Chica, band or collective ? well over the past few years there has being a shifting line up of contributors who have between them released a series of albums, EP’s and singles (discography), the group are led my songwriter Hallie Pritts (acoustic guitar, percussion, vocals) on Get Out Of Sin City she’s joined by Susanna Meyer (electric and upright bass, flute, vocals), Ricky Moslen (drums and percussion) j.vega (electric guitar, Wurlitzer, Organ, Banjo, vocals), James Hart (pedal steel, banjo, mandolin, Wurlitzer, vocals), Kraig Decker (piano, organ Wurlitzer, harmonica, Hawaiian guitar, vocals), Ross Rader (piano, trumpet), Stephanie Schere (percussion) and Cello Fury.

An independent release in the US and part fan-funded through Kickstarter , including a small contribution from yours truly, the resulting album is difficult to tie down as the band take a pick ’n’ mix approach to genre’s, drawing on equal parts, indie-pop, county and folk to create an album that’s restlessness is woven into a cohesive patchwork built around the song writing of Pritts who contributes nine original tracks to the album – the tenth a cover of the soul classic Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (Dan Penn / Chips Moman).

Boca Chica – Sin City

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