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Dan’s new album was recorded live in the studio with production duties by Beat Surrender favourites Danny George Wilson and Chris Clarke (Danny and the Champions of The World) at Chris’ Reservoir Studios in North London and includes pedal steel from the one and only BJ Cole.

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The Jamie Freeman Agreement – 100 Miles From Town

Jamie Freeman Cover

Mod haircut. Americana. Folk. Country. Gospel. 60’s. Music store owner. Recording Artist. Larkin Poe. Brandy Zdan. Good Lovelies. BJ Cole. Famous brother.

Put them altogether and you get The Jamie Freeman Agreement and the album 100 Miles From Town a real sum of it’s parts recording, alongside frontman and lead-singer Jamie Freeman the Agreement are Abigail Downs, Jessica Spengler, Jonathan Hirsch and Joe Ellis.


The Larkin Poe siblings Rebecca and Megan Lovell make a guest appearance on opening track The Knight playing lap-steel and mandolin, Brandy Zdan’s contribution is revealed on track number 2 a co-write on which her sweet vocal harmonises with Jamie Freeman, the track Steel Away is one of the album’s highlights and features the wonderful pedal steel sound of arguably the UK’s finest protagonist of the instrument BJ Cole.

Track three is the ‘single’ and promo track for the release, featuring the vocals of Rachel Davies (Wolf Mother, Ana Brun), the video features Maddie Broad as ‘Indianna’ and was filmed by Jamie and directed by Stevie Freeman.

Tracks four and five see a departure from the the ‘Americana’ stylings of the opening trio of songs with distinct but differing 60’s elements entering the melting pot before giving way to Scrabble in Afghanistan a song born out of a collaboration with a US poet and lecturer about the true story of a Special Forces soldier who played the classic word-game online with his friends to cope with the horrors of war, the gospel element is combined a cappella on Hey Mama with some lovely vocals from the Agreements Abigail Downs and Jessica Spengler and The Good Lovelies make their appearance on the penultimate vocal track Two Sugar Baby a doo-wop influenced rock ‘n’ roller – a little bit of eclecticism never hurt anyone, it’s out today, dive-in and enjoy.

No further clues offered for the famous brother, name should be enough for you.

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