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Guiville feat. bentcousin – The Last One


For anyone who’s ever worked an office 9-to-5.

Brighton’s bentcousin follow up this summers’ Dizzy, with new single The Last One, which sees younger twin Pat take the lead vocal in a melancholy tale about office life. Described by the band as ‘Like The Office, without the funny bits’, the single will ring true to many as the office Christmas season fast approaches. The song also provides a sobering account of trite sentiment and Facebook.

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bentcousin – Everybody’s Got One

Everybody’s Got One is the debut EP on Team Love Records from 22 year old twins, sister and brother Amelia and Pat Innit who were born a decade apart, Amelia just before midnight on December 31st ’89 and Pat a few minutes later in the 90’s, the six track EP is a wonderfully irresistible and idiosyncratic offering of indie-pop with the twins sharing out the vocal duties pretty evenly across the half-dozen songs, touted on the blogosphere and music press as one to watch for 2013 the band live up to their billing with a mouth watering introduction to their off-kilter retro-pop musings – highly recommended.