Beat Surrender – Best of 2012 – And the winner is .. .. .. ..

Not one to stick to a format for too long and just because ‘we’ can after a vote I decided to go for another way of doing the obligatory best of for 2012 having professed my love of labelling in the past I thought we’d go the genre route.

Ultimately the blog is about supporting and promoting music that I love, hopefully the posts and links persuade some folks to go out and buy the artists wares in one form or another – and therefore it would be remiss I think not to try and use this opportunity to back-track and celebrate some of the great music that has variously landed in my inbox or on my doorstep in one form another over the last twelve months (and besides which it eases the procrastination I’m suffering from doing this).

So over the next week or so I’ll be presenting you with a summary of the music that’s made an impression this year in the form of seven categories, the six genre based ones are endlessly arguable, one man’s alt-country is another mans Americana etc. so trash my ‘groupings’ if you like, but I’ve one way or another manipulated them into a neat set that suits the purpose, the seventh is reserved for EP’s as there’s being a batch of excellent ones this year.

So in essence I get to be self indulgent, avoid making some tough calls and roll out a summary of the last 12 months at Beat Surrender in a series of posts leading to a ‘the winner is’ final post for each category.

Before that may ‘we’ thank you to all the fine folks who have being supportive of Beat Surrender during 2012 – the majority of the music that’s covered here is on the periphery of the mainstream chart and radio play and relies on the hard work and commitment of the girls and boys of the labels, distribution and PR companies so thank you again for all the submissions and the kind words, thank you to all of the bloggers, radio presenters, podcasters, tweeters and FBFY contributors for continuing to unearth and share some great music and thank you most of all to the musicians who continue to educate, enrich and enlighten my life with their creative talent.

Beat Surrender – Thirty Year Anniversary

Hard for me to believe or acknowledge but it was thirty years ago today 26th November 1982 that arguably the last great British singles band The Jam bowed out with their fourth No.1 and final single release Beat Surrender, so this week will be given over to a some indulgence and more than a little nostalgia.

Rock me gently and send me dreaming of something tender, I was brought here to pay homage to the Beat Surrender

The track edged out A Solid Bond in Your Heart as the band’s final single with Solid Bond later becoming a hit in 83 for Paul Weller’s ‘new’ band The Style Council – before The Jam’s version eventually surfaced on the excellent Extras in 1992 though Beat Surrender never appeared on any of The Jam’s six studio albums up to ’82 it was released in the US on a five-track EP which managed to get to #71 on the Billboard chart, before turning up again as the title track on a compilation released by Polydor imprint Spectrum Music in ’93, there were plans to release a Beat Surrender album by Polydor in the US though it never saw the light of day – Cpt. Stax tells the story.

Beat Surrender is not my favourite Jam song, or indeed my favourite Jam single, in truth the track was not one of Weller’s better pieces of writing but the song means a lot to me personally and topped the charts at a pivotal point of my youth, I had a few titles in mind when I was thinking about writing a music blog but none of the others fitted as well – so Beat Surrender it was. Most music fans grow up with a band, an artist or performer who stands out above the the rest, one that holds a whole load of memories, associations and in some cases obsessions – The Jam were mine.

Beat Surrender was previewed live on the first ever episode of Channel 4’s  The Tube on November 5th ’82, nostalgia trip

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