The High Bar Gang – Lost and Undone: A Gospel Bluegrass Companion

The High Bar Gang - 'Lost & Undone' - cover (300dpi)

True North recording artist Barney Bentall appeared on Beat Surrender back in May of this year with his solo album Flesh & Bone and now he’s back but this time as part of a collaborative bluegrass band The High Bar Gang who have being playing throughout western Canada for the last three years as headliners as well as supporting Blue Rodeo, the bands debut album Lost and Undone : A Gospel Bluegrass Companion features covers of gospel songs made popular by the likes of bluegrass legends Bill Monroe (Walking In Jerusalem, Mothers Only Sleeping) and the Stanley Brothers (Over In Gloryland, Daniel Prayed, Paul & Silas) as well as Hank Williams I Saw The Light and Julie Miller’s All My Tears.

Lead vocal duties on the recording are shared by Wendy Bird, Angela Harris, Shari Ulrich (Vocals, Fiddle, Mandolin) and Barney Bentnall (acoustic guitar) alternating from track through to thirteen with plenty of sweet vocal harmonising to enjoy, track fourteen I Saw The Light is credited to all four voices and the band is completed by bassist Rob Becker, guitarist Colin Nairne with Eric Reed on banjo,mandolin and dobro, keeping the music true to it’s roots the songs were recorded live and in mono.

05 All My Tears

The album is out now in Canada from True North and from Proper in the UK from December 2nd.

Track-listing (lead vocal)
1. Over In The Gloryland (Wendy Bird)
2. Walking In Jerusalem (Angela Harris)
3. Angel Band (Shari Ulrich)
4. Paul And Silas (Barney Bentall)
5. All My Tears (Wendy Bird, Shari Ulrich, Angela Harris)
6. Daniel Prayed (Wendy Bird)
7. Hand In Hand With Jesus (Barney Bentall)
8. Sinners You Better Get Ready (Shari Ulrich)
9. Green Pastures In The Sky (Angela Harris)
10. Rank Strangers (Wendy Bird)
11. Heaven’s Light Is Shining (Barney Bentall)
12. Mother’s Only Sleeping (Wendy Bird)
13. The Fields Have Turned Brown (Barney Bentall)
14. I Saw The Light (all)

The High Bar Gang (1)

Barney Bentall – Flesh & Bone

Barney Bental Final Cover Concept

Classy Canadiana from the wonderful True North Records who have a host of Beat Surrender favourites on their roster and have struck another chord with me with the release of Flesh & Bone from the Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Barney Bentall.

I’ll be straight I’d not heard the name before though this is Bentall’s third solo release and his career that kicked of back in 1978 has delivered three independent albums and seven studio albums, in the late eighties he formed The Legendary Hearts who’s self-titled debut album made it to Platinum status in his native Canada and delivered three hit singles and a Juno Award. In-between Bentall moved to British Columbia’s Cariboo region to a cattle ranch an experience that was in part responsible for his 2007 solo release Gift Horse.

Flesh & Bone features eleven original self produced Bentall songs which he recorded The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, a mainly acoustic affair Bentall recruited a host of supporting musicians to embellish his guitar and vocals including Kendal Carson who plays fiddle on five of the tracks.

Barney Bentall – The Outskirts of Buffalo

Barney Bentall (2)
Buy the CD @ Proper

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