In The City

I recently read Paulo Hewitt’s biography of Paul Weller, they were the best of mates for a number of years then had a fall out, so the book does have an edge to it and worth getting hold of if you’re a fan. The opening chapter is logically called In The City, it’s one of the songs I cherish most from Wellers time with The Jam, the title track of the first album and debut single that sparked a run of 18 consecutive hit singles for the band, in essence it’s just a straight up rock and roll record, a song about youth, no complex lyrics, no pretence.

I ‘d not listened to track for a while until I read a review of an album by Haymaker on Americana UK which included a cover version of In the City, I resisted the quick fix of playing the mp3 and dug out my vinyl for a trip down nostalgia lane.

Intrigued by the cover version I downloaded it from iTunes – I’ve mellowed somewhat, I must have, a few years ago I would not have considered downloading something like this, a bluegrass take on In the City, sacrilege, I won’t rave about it but it’s actually not that bad – given my love of the original it wasn’t easy to type that.

I wonder what Weller thinks about, he’s never being adverse to doing a few cover versions , including an album full of them – Studio 150
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We Dreamed America

Do you ever get a fixation for an artist and play them to death for days on end, I do often, currently over dosing on Hey Negrita.

I had a copy of We Dreamed America as a christmas pressie and got around to watching it last week, since then I’ve been listening to a few of the artists featured on the DVD but none more than Hey Negrita.
Their Wiki entry describes them as English Country Blues, I’m not really one for genre tags, but the band is essentially English and the music has both a country and blues tinge, so I’ll let that one go, however you describe there music they are just a damn good band.

Highly recommend all three of their albums, the first We Are Catfish that was released in 2005 is available from the indie label Fat Fox and at iTunes, the band expanded their line up and released The Buzz Above in 2006, which includes a couple of my favourite tracks “Charlene”” and “Abandon Ship” ,the later of which you can check out on their MySpace , after another change of line up band released You Can Kick last year, here’s a review from Americana UK

The band are appearing at SXSW again this year and at the Darvel Music Festival in May with the Jawhawks and Eileen Jewell, hoping they’ll find time to do a few more UK gigs too.

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