Neko Case – Live Set (Woodsongs)

Neko Case / Kelly Hogan @ PCMH

Neko Case discussing and playing songs from the fantastic Middle Cyclone album at Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour , aided and abetted by Paul Rigby on guitar and longtime collaborator Kelly Hogan adding vocals and playing the “Shigby Mark 1” – a cigar box with a music box mechanism and guitar pick-up – watch the video.

01 That Teenage Feeling
02 Don’t Forget Me
03 The Pharaohs
04 Polar Nettles
05 Middle Cyclone
06 People Got A Lotta Nerve
07 Vengeance Is Sleeping
08 Maybe Sparrow
09 Margaret Vs Pauline
10 I Wish I Was the Moon

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Kasey Anderson "Nowhere Nights"

Kasey Anderson latest album “Nowhere Nights” is due out in February of next year, but if you’re impatient like me you can get yourself an advance copy of the album from here, by ordering now you get a limited edition signed copy of the double vinyl release and instant access to the download too.

Kasey Anderson’s latest full length release, Nowhere Nights , is filled with the same brand of evocative, literate lyricism that marked the gifted songwriter’s critically-lauded albums, Dead Roses and The Reckoning – earning Anderson widespread praise from the likes of Paste, No Depression, The Onion A/V Club and many others – but after surveying the decaying American social and political landscape, Anderson has turned his gaze inward to focus on a more familiar subject: himself. Official press release

So is it any good? Well 2009 is turning into a vintage year for releases in my book and this album would be right up there with Earle, Molina, Farrar and Tweedy’s efforts, but as the “official” release date is Feb ’10 it will have to take on the contenders for next years number one – it definitely sets a standard.

When Kasey delivers the line ” when I die you can scatter my ashes anywhere but herein the seven minute plus personal opus “Real Gone” which closes the album, you know he means it, the record is the real deal, whether you’re foot tapping to “Sooner/Later”, rockin’ out to “Torn Apart”, banging out the chorus to “All Lit Up” or empathising with Kasey on “Leavin’ Kind” and “From Now On”.
The album also includes the poignant “I Was a Photograph” which Kasey guest posted about on NineBullets back in July.

You can listen to a couple of the tracks from the album at Kasey’s website, where you should check out Kasey’s back catalogue too,

Red River Records also have an nice assortment of Kasey’s music for your listening pleasure including “All Lit Up” from the new record.

The “Nowhere Nights” album follows Kasey’s recent “covers” album ” Way Out West” released in May of this year which includes a brilliant version of Marah’s “Round Eye Blues” as well as some great re-interpretations of tracks from Johnny Cash, Townes van Zandt, Tom Petty, Arcade Fire and Tom Waits’ “Walls”

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Pete Molinari – BBC Radio 2

The blog’s now picking up a lot more traffic from overseas thanks to my fellow bloggers over “the pond” and “down under” who have been kind enough to link back to me, so it got me to thinking about running a sort of Best of British series of posts, featuring of the best of what Team Americana GB has to offer.

Though I’d kick it of with a plug for Pete Molinari, first came across Pete’s music thanks to the excellent What’s Kickin’ Volume 2 compilation album, you can check it out here at Stove Pony Records, Volume 1, 3 and 4 are fantastic too, crammed full of quality tracks and well worth buying.

The tracks here were played live on Mark Lamarr’s “Gods Jukebox” show on Radio 2 that aired on the 5th June and include some tunes that are to appear on Pete’s new EP that is due for release next week on CD and 10″ Vinyl.

I love Pete’s unique vocal and his retro- country blues style songs,excellent writing and great melodies, you can get your hands on all of Pete’s recordings at
Damaged Goods including the debut EP that was released on Will “Guitar Man” Hodgkinson’s Big Bertha Records, if you like vinyl the 45’s are definitely worth investing in.

Four tracks in total, everyone a gem including the title track of the upcoming release, Today Tomorrow and Forever, hope you enjoy them.

More Pete?

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