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Bit of street teaming for some for some artists that have got in touch through email or I’ve stumbled upon at MySpace and eMusic, or just plain forgot to mention before…………

Kicking it of with news of Swedish singer-songwriter Old Lost John is over in the UK and the end of May, info at his MySpace page.

Old Lost John @ MySpace
Old Lost John Homepage
Love this track from his Faceless album released last year.
More at SwedesPlease

Staying with Sweden with indie folk band Tula, really enjoyed the two tracks from the band and will be checking back regularly for more, missed out on their single release via Static Caravan
Tula @ MySpace

Moving westward to Iceland, described by Lucinda Williams as one of the best new artists she’d heard in years singer/songwriter Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir, Lay Low
Lay Low @ Myspace
Lay Low homepage

And further west to T. Nile a singer-songwriter banjo playing folkie from Vancouver BC, whose album who’s Cabin Song EP I recently picked up from eMusic and recommend you check out.
T. Nile @ MySpace
T. Nile homepage

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American Aquarium "Small Town Hymns" (Last Chance Records 2010)

Taking their name from a lyric in the Wilco track I Am Trying To Break Your Heart from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (source), American Aquarium from Raleigh NC deliver their brand of alt-country neat and honest.

Small Town Hymns is the band’s fifth release following on from the excellent Dances for the Lonely (eMusic) released in 2009 – that album includes one of favourite rockers for sometime (just can’t resist belting it out at full volume when it blasts it’s way through the speakers)  “Katherine Belle

The creative juices have being flowing again and this year’s ten track no filler release is well worth checking out, it’s a more restrained album than the previous one –  but still has an edge and the quality level is right up there too, rocking and twanging in all the right places around the vocals and writing talent of front man BJ Barham. The album gets released May 1st and the band are kicking of a tour in support of the album with another Beat Surrender favourite Sons of Bill, details of the dates at the bands Myspace.

More love and honest opinion at NoD and Front Porch Musings

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The Sadies "Darker Circles" (Yeproc 2010)

Canadian alt-country band The Sadies have always offered up music that’s a cut above the mediocre, whether paddling their own canoe or on their many collaborations (Neko Case, John Doe, Jon Langford & Andre Williams amongst them), the band have a seriously high quality back catalogue, then there is their legendary live shows – which I’ve personally yet to enjoy but will one day set the record straight.

The album Darker Circles follows and builds on the New Seasons release from 2007, the guitar slinging Good brothers plus the rocking rhythm section Mike Belitsky (drums) and Sean Dean (bass) work again with Jayhawk Gary Louris who handles the production on the 11 track album as he did on New Seasons, together they blend the elements of the bands multi-faceted repertoire into a wonderful album and one that will surely figure on many a “Best of” for 2010 for fans of twang.

Recorded in two sessions a “marathon” twelve day at the “Bathhouse” studio plus five at the Woodshed in Toronto the band have put together arguably their strongest release yet slimming down the number of instrumentals to a single one the album is stronger for it.

The clue to the albums under lying theme is in the title of the album and borne out in the tracks; Another Year Again “…it won’t be long until all your hopes and dreams are gone…” contrasted against the songs rhythm and pace before crashing to a close, Cut Corners against a background of haunting guitar, “… one day I’ll straighten out before I get lost again…”, Tell Her What I Said “…too sick and tired to put up a fight I turn to oblivion night after night…”, even when the mood of the instrumentation is lighter there’s still room for regret Idle Tomorrows “…wasting hours, days counting sorrows, like idle tomorrows”, fittingly the album’s single instrumental, a moody spaghetti western number, book-ends the whole package.

Highly recommended and released on vinyl too, making it an irresistible purchase.

The album is set to hit the shops the middle of next month and Yeproc are offering a deal on pre-orders with a 12 track bonus disc of tracks gleaned from the bands previous releases on the label, info at Yeproc.

The Sadies – Cut Corners

Download from eMusic and iTunes

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Diana Catherine and the Thrusty Tweeters "The Spirit Ranch Sessions"

The Spirit Ranch Sessions is the debut release from Toronto roots rockers Diana Catherine and the Thrusty Tweeters, the albums title taken from the studio where it was recorded, the band – Diana Catherine – Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica, Nic DiSanto – Bass, Matt Blackie – Drums and backing vocals, Kevin Robinson – Guitar, travelled south to Sarasota Florida last spring to put their music – a rootsy mix of rock, blues, country and  a smattering of soul – to tape.

The result is a solid eleven track album of original tunes – all of which were written by Catherine (Diana DiGiovanni), the lead track Walk kicks things off with a nice harmonica opening up into an up-tempo roots rocker with a great shuffle and you immediately know you on to something good with this album, track two Blueberry Eyes is my pick from the album showcasing Catherine’s rich vocal talent, the band are tight and hold things together through the stylistic left and right turns. Given the band set-up it’s hard not to draw comparisons to Sarah Borges and The Broken Singles and Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs and this band are certainly have the qualities to follow in their footsteps

Band MySpace
Buy the album @ CDBaby
Download @ EMusic
Listen to more @ Reverbnation

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