Mat D and the Profane Saints "Dirt Town City Limits"

Blues, country, rock’n’roll and lots of attitude crash around and out of the wreckage comes a rocking album Dirt Town City Limits by Mat D & The Profane Saints. It seems I have some more catching up to do on the strength of this album and need to listen to the bands previous releases sooner rather than later. Best played with the volume up to the max the album is a set of 14 all original tracks that take in their stride tales of movie queens, trucks, motels, the devil, polaroids & tattooed honey’s played through a haze of guitars, banjo and drums.

Favourite cuts from the album the title track Dirt City Limits and Motel City one of the albums quieter moments an acoustic number showcasing  Mathew deRiso’s credentials as a solo artist.

For the latest news from Mat D check out Jim Pipkin’s of Hickory Wind’s interview posted earlier this week over at No Depression.

Buy Dirt Town City Limits at CD Baby

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Will Kimbrough – Piece of Work

As a companion post to the Jedd Hughes from earlier this week, thought I’d post Will Kimbrough’s contibution to the Rodney Crowell Woodsongs set, Piece of Work.

AMA Award winning Multi-instrumentalist and producer Will is a man in demand, as well as working with Rodney Crowell, Todd Snider, Kate Campbell, Matthew Ryan, Kim Richey and Josh Rouse ,Will’s production credits include the excellent 2009 album from Angela Easterling Black Top Road,  as well as his collaboration in Daddy with long time friend Tommy Womack.

Will has also released four album’s and an EP on his own, the song performed on Woodsongs appeared on his 2002 album Home Away (buy) as well as been covered by Jimmy Buffet on his License to Chill album.
According to Will’s website he’s got an album in the works, entitled Wings it’s due to for release February, you can keep up to date here and listen to more @ Reverbnation

Will Kimbrough – Piece of Work (Woodsongs Live)
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Jedd Hughes – S/T EP

I first came across Jedd Hughes name earlier this year when blogging about Guy Clark’s latest album Somedays the Song Writes You, I stumbled across the fellow again watching a Woodsong performance featuring Rodney Crowell, who was joined by Jedd (and Will Kimbrough) for the set, Rodney performed songs from his Houston Kid, Fate’s Right Hand and The Outsider albums for the main part of the show and then Jedd and Will got to perform a song of their own.

Suitably impressed with the song and performance and picked up Jedd’s latest EP from eMusic earlier this week. You can here Rodney Crowell influence rubbing of in the opening track from the EP I Want Your #35 excellent stuff and loads of promise for the future.

Jedd Hughes – Genevieve (Woodsongs Live)


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Introducing Townes van Zandt – Via the Great Unknown (Forthesakeofthesong)


The ideas simple, get a eclectic bunch of unknown (mostly) indie artists together and record an album of Townes van Zandt songs, we’ve already had one van Zandt tribute recording this year from the great Earle senior, which I featured in a blog post here back in March.

Do we need another one ? Absolutely and this one is coming at it from a different angle, does it work – in a word yes. Why? Well the power of Townes writing tends to transcend most music and in this instance the covers are not half bad either.

The packaging for the CD is great too, the accompanying booklet giving plenty of information on the unknowns encouraging the buyer to go do some research, unknown of course is a relative term and there are of course some recognisable artists on the CD, here’s the full tracklist.

1 Lessons In Time (AU) – At My Window
2 Thomas Denver Jonsson (SWE) – To Live Is To Fly
3 Loophole & Ciaran Kirby (IRL) – Lungs
4 Great Lake Swimmers (CAN) – Our Mother The Mountain
5 Fort King & My Hawaii (US) – Loretta
6 Christina Kulukundis (UK/US) – If I Needed You
7 J. Tillman (US) – My Proud Mountains
8 Gustav Haggren (SWE) – Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel
9 Kevin Tihista (US) – Still Looking For You
10 Kate Maki (CAN) – I’ll Be Here In The Morning
11 Anders Parker (US) – No Place To Fall
12 Telafonica (AU) – St. John The Gambler
13 Nick Jones (US) – Don’t Take It To Bad
14 The Wheel (US) – She Came And She Touched Me
15 Stephen Duffy & The Lilac Time (UK) – Pancho And Lefty
16 Pacific Ocean Fire (UK) – You Are Not Needed Now
17 Chris Mills (US) – Tecumseh Valley
18 The Be Good Tanyas (CAN) – Waiting Around To Die
19 Jad Fair (US) – Turnstyled, Junkpiled

It’s not often I’ll blog about Duran Duran (first and last) but for those who don’t know Stephen Duffy was one of the bands founder members and had a hit solo record in the 80’s with Kiss Me under his Tin-Tin moniker.

You can take a listen to some of the songs over at MySpace and buy yourself a copy direct from the label here, it’ll cost you a tenner for the CD including delivery worldwide, a perfect festive gift for a discerning Townes van Zandt fan.

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