Odd’s N Ends

A new Drive-By Truckers album always lands with high expectations and The Big To-Do is no exception, news from the professional media and amateurs alike falls down mostly on the side of positive, me……. well not convinced by the Shonna tracks, not that they’re bad songs – just don’t seem to fit right for me, of the two bonus tracks, love Girls Who Smoke from the vinyl (although my copy had no download code for the album at all so it was a DIY job to get the mp3) and the Kiss cover Strutter is fine too. Highlight’s so far Side One tracks one to three, Daddy Learned To Fly, The Fourth Night Of My Drinking and Birthday Boy. Links to reviews commentary, thoughts and analysis at Nine Bullets.  The album is also available at eMusic, the first time for a DBT release.

Apparently there’s some half-arsed music event going on in Austin TX this week, I’m not there in case you’re wondering, would I like to be, absolutely…………but I have responsibilities (apparently), so I’ll be following all my favourite bloggers and music aficionados with intense jealousy, muttering maybe next year under my breath. SXSW on Shoutcast and in case you missed it first time around a SXSW alt-country compilation from 2009
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