Sound & Vision – Emily Barker – Anywhere Away

Live on air in 2011, Dermot O’Leary asked me if music for film and TV was something I wanted to do more of. The Red Clay Halo and I had just performed ‘Pause’ live on Dermot’s BBC Radio 2 show, a song which had recently been used as the theme to BBC noir thriller The Shadow Line. Listening in to the show that afternoon, as I answered an emphatic “Yes!”, was film maker Jake Gavin.

The three songs on this EP form the basis of the soundtrack I subsequently composed for Jake’s directorial debut, Hector. Peter Mullan stars in the title role as homeless Hector McAdam, making his annual journey from Glasgow to spend Christmas at a London shelter, his back story unfolding as his journey progresses. Given the bleak backdrop of homelessness in the UK, the film tells a rather uplifting story, highlighting the random acts of kindness from strangers that can bring hope at difficult times.

The song ‘Anywhere Away’ was written for Hector, but also connects with that feeling all of us have faced at one time or another: the feeling that we are being overwhelmed by circumstances out of our control, and the only place we want to be is any place but the one we’re in.

‘Wheels and White Lines’ is a country duet featuring the wonderful vocal talents of Scottish singer-songwriter Roddy Hart. It tells of the fleeting relationships formed when travelling; friendships that matter so much at the time, but are over as quickly as they began.

‘Roll Me in Your Arms’ is included here as it was one of the three original songs written for film, though it wasn’t used in the final cut. It’s sung from the point of view of an old traveller visiting places he knows well but finding the streets changing: shops close down one by one; people move on; the place doesn’t feel so familiar anymore.

Proceeds from the single will be donated to Shelter From The Storm.

SFTS Xmas 2015 from Shelter from the Storm on Vimeo.

Hector is on general release in the UK from 11th December 2015, and is also being shown at selected cinemas in France and Australia.

CD available to purchase at Bandcamp.

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