Sound & Vision – Rachel Ries

Great track lifted from Rachel Ries’ current album ‘Ghost of a Gardener’, the album was recorded and produced by Ries along with Secretly Canadian artist David Vandervelde in winter of 2012/13 at Chicago’s Pieholden Suite Sounds, studio of the late Jay Bennett (Wilco). It features Rachel on vocals, electric guitar, piano, organs, synths and glockenspiel, with Vandervelde adding acoustic & electric guitar, bass, synthesizers, percussion and vocals, with a host of support artists on the album the instrumentation also includes brass and strings to create a rich palette of sounds around Rachel’s crystalline vocal, contributions on the album include Beat Surrender favourites Raina Rose, Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt, as part of a choir.

The album is released digitally, on CD and one 180g vinyl, Rachel is currently touring in the US in support of the album and there are plans to head up to Canada and across to Ireland and the UK later in 2014 and into 2015.

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Rachel Ries