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Sound & Vision – Aisha Badru

Aisha Badru

Foreign Hands is the latest track from New York singer-songwriter Aisha Badru, it’s a beautifully understated song from the 23 year old who is blessed with a wonderful singing voice, possessing the most gorgeous timbre.

The track is available on a pay-what-you-want basis through Bandcamp while your there I’d recommend you check out her excellent debut EP, Vacancy too.

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Michael Dean Damron – When the Darkness Come

When the Darkness Come is the latest release from Micheal Dean Damron which is set for release on the 24th of May. The former boxer, member of the 101st Airborne and frontman of punk-country band I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House, brings to bear his life experiences to create an album of heavy gravitas on which he tackles personal demons, loss, death and advocates to the right of the US political spectrum; as well as his own songs there are a couple of covers Were Getting Closer to the Grave (Luke the Drifter,a.k.a. Hank Williams) and Am I The Only One Drinking Tonight ( Doug Stanhope and Mishka Shubaly).


Vanessa Peters – With The Sentimentals

Vanessa Peters - 'With The Sentimentals' - cover (300dpi)

Over the last twelve years Vanessa Peters has played more than a thousand shows in the US and across Europe, the Dallas based singer-songwriter releases today (May the 11th) a new collaborative album, With The Sentimentals, that was recorded  in tour time-outs during April & October of last year.

The ten-track release includes nine original songs from Vanessa and kicks off with a cover of Hem’s Pacific Street which along with all of the songs on the album was recorded  ‘live’ by  Vanessa together with husband and bandmate / producer Rip Rowan and The Sentimentals a Copenhagen based Americana band featuring  M.C. Hansen (guitars), Nikolaj Wolf (upright bass) and Jacob Chano (drums).

Vanessa Peters & The Sentimentals (2)

The Sentimentals have collaborated with Vanessa previously playing together on two trips to Denmark and one back in Vanessa’s home state of Texas though this is the first time they’ve got together to record, the album was created from two sessions that took place in studios located in the Danish countryside and without the need for overdubs:

“The Sentimentals are a really fluid, organic band, and they work well like that – they like to do two, three takes of a song, and then move on and that gave the album this lovely, cozy, laid-back feel,” explains Vanessa.

Three of tracks are re-workings of songs from Vanessa’s excellent back catalogue (previously on Beat Surrender) and the prolific songwriter is already working on new material for an album tentatively slated for release this towards the end of this year.

The plaintive opening cover track fits well with Vanessa’s songwriting style and vocal, the piano of the Hem original replaced by guitar with the result sounding a little more uplifting and reminiscent of Fields of Gold, the first of the new tracks Call You All The Time continues with the melancholy through the lyrics but juxtaposed against a livelier country shuffle back-beat, the first of the three re-worked tracks is next up, Big Time Underground which originally appeared on the 2006 album Little Films (recorded with Ice Cream on Mondays) along with Fireworks which also appears later on this release, in both cases the ‘new’ arrangements are stronger and suit the songs better, the remaining re-worked track is Afford To Pretend which was originally recorded for the 2006 EP, The Blackout.  

The album has a dynamic borne from the two separate recording sessions and the old v new material but maintains a sense of fluidity too – the songs are trademark Vanessa Peters, melodic, thoughtful and heartfelt and this latest album can only win her music more fans.


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