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Holly Williams – Waiting On June (Official Music Video)

“This song means more to me personally than anything I’ve ever written. It’s the bittersweet true story of my grandparent’s life together from the beginning until the end. I wrote it from the shoes of my papaw to my granny, shortly after I lost both of them. The Williams legacy side is always focused on, and I’m unbelievably proud to be in the lineage, but I didn’t know Hank Williams as a grandparent. He died in 1952 and Audrey was gone before I was born. The grandparents I knew and loved and spent so much time with were Warren and June White, from a small town in Louisiana called Mer Rouge. We compiled tons of old family footage to disperse throughout this video that was shot as a live performance. It meant so much to me to make this video, I truly hope you enjoy…”

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Because it’s so good………….


Covered – Ronnie Fauss ‘Song For Zula’ (Phosphorescent)

Brave call from the Dallas cowboy who throws a Hail Mary by¬†taking on the epic¬†Song for Zula from Phosphorescent’s fantastic Muchacho album – and makes the touch down.

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USA - PORTRAIT - Ronnie Fauss

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