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Haley Bonar – The Lowertown Line plus UK Tour Dates

Haley Bonar performs live in TPT’s Studio A and discusses keytar, her creative process and the South Dakota punk scene with hip hop artist Dessa.

Oct 27 Green Door Store, Brighton
Oct 28 Start The Bus,Bristol
Oct 29 The Lexington, London
Oct 30 Gullivers, Manchester
Oct 31 Nice N Sleazy,Glasgow
Nov 01 Liverpool Music Week

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Haley Bonar


Introducing…………….. Ashley Noel Jones

Ashley Noel Jones has spent her whole life singing other peoples songs, after owning a second hand guitar for about 10 years she finally decided to sit down and learn to play it, then came the songs and now after spending a few years playing them live in her current home of Brooklyn NY and around Manhattan Ashley has taken the next step and has raised funding through a successful IndieGoGo campaign to record and release her debut EP Les Reveries of Une Jeune Noire, here’s the background to the EP’s title in Ashley’s own words.

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Mary Gauthier – Trouble & Love

Trouble & Love

Not one to shy away from the cathartic process of songwriting Mary Gauthier’s previous studio release (featured on Beat Surrender here) dealt with her troubled upbringing as a foundling, this time the album takes the listeners on a journey through relationship breakdown with Mary once again laying bare her soul and taking the listener on an intimidate and heartbreaking journey exploring her loss, pain and sadness during a very difficult period in her life.

The album doesn’t pretend or hide behind any complex metaphors it’s a direct affair personified by opening track When A Woman Goes Cold which sets the albums tone, it’s not the easiest song set to sit and listen to – the subject matter, the minimalist arrangements and the pain in the voice make it so, but ultimately it’s worthwhile and rewarding and if you can hang in there then there’s hope to be found in the last third of the album (though there’s a sense here for me, that Mary is not fully convinced by her own redemptive words).

This is the first album Mary has produced herself and its was written and recorded live in a single take with help from Gretchen Peters (co-write on How You Learn to Live Alone, Guthrie Trapp (guitar), Jimmy Wallace (keys) ,Viktor Krauss (bass), Lynn Williams (drums) and vocal contributions from Beth Nielsen Chapman, Darrell Scott, Siobhan Kennedy Ashley Cleveland and The McCrary Sisters


I think songs heal. They’re a form of spiritual medicine, and they create a connection between people. The connection does something that is needed by both the songwriter and the listener. It’s like when you cut yourself, all these mechanisms in your body race to the wound and begin healing it. There’s something about songwriting that does that same thing in a spiritual, emotional way.”  Source

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