Bryde – Like an Island – Album news / pre-order + lead single

One of favourite singer-songwriters Bryde unveiled her debut solo full length LP today, with a host of tempting pre-order packages, the album entitled, Like an Island is set for release on the 13th of April, as a tempter for the pre-order, take a listen to the excellent lead single To Be Brave below.

Under her nom de plume Sarah Howells’ music has moved into the shadows, it’s darker, has a real edge, sonically and in the subject matter, if this track is indicative then this album is going to be just wonderful.

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The album is a record of catharsis which gives a voice to bad times and exorcises old demons… or in Bryde’s words it “sets a girl free”.

She explores themes of independence, liberation, and relationships, her inimitable brand of candid indie rock is realised with mixing help from Catherine Marks and mastering by Mandy Parnell.

Bryde’s music tells us about the strength people can find in doing their own thing, in a world in which we’re told we should have to conform to other people’s rules, even when they’re not good for us, even when they cause us pain.

Bryde on the single; “‘To Be Brave’ was written as kind of a soft squeeze of the hand to many friends who have, like me, been through many a dark period and put on a brave face and just got on with it. It’s a comment about how we all live out certain episodes of our lives in such a public setting these days that I feel we almost edit them to appear flawless, nothing but smiles.”

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Martha Ffion – New Album news and UK Dates

Photo Credit: Laura Meek

From Irish-born, and now Glasgow based singer-songwriter Martha Ffion’s forthcoming album entitled ‘Sunday Best’ which will be released on Turnstile in early 2018, a handful of UK tour dates have been announced too, with more to follow.

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