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Theatre Royal – We Don’t Know Where We Are

There’s being much discussion by music fans on the subject of what constitutes the ideal track and running time of a 12″ LP, physical constraints aside the argument is one that no side can hope to win outright, the essence of any argument will always be undone by the empirical measurement taken by the listener, a measurement that must consider of course the quality of the music, writing, production, presentation and the all important sequencing, this aside I reckon 44 minutes and 11 tracks is not a bad marker – coincidently these are the vital statistics of Medway based four-piece Theatre Royal’s third album, if you put this together with the bands timeless British guitar music then it’s surely the right move to release the album in the classic 12″ Vinyl LP format which is exactly what the band have chosen to do, the mistake they’ve hopefully made is restricting this to a Limited Edition of 500 only for this is an album that really deserves to be spinning on your hi-fi this summer and beyond and should if there were any justice sell out quickly – for those content with digital there is of course the obligatory download, personally tactility wins every time for me and the 180g vinyl with photo montage insert and lyric sheet will I know bring much pleasure in the years to come that’s why I’ve not contented myself with the promo CD and put my money where my mouth is and invested in the LP, you should too. Highly recommended.

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Sound & Vision – Two Harbors


Love this from brit-pop loving Minnesotan band Two Harbors, their new album The Natural Order of Things is available on limited edition 180g white vinyl, CD and download.

 Two Harbors – Be Forever

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New album The Natural Order of Things available soon on limited edition 180g white vinyl and CD.

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