Angela Easterling – Beguiler

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Angela Easterling embodies all that is good about independent artist’s in niche genres, tirelessly writing, recording, touring and self promoting through the power of social media she’s built a solid fan base and continues to impress with each release, her latest album Beguiler like the previous Black Top Road release benefits from the production skills of Americana gun for hire Will Kimbrough but this time around they use a more expansive sound palette to deliver the diverse set of tracks – twelve in all, there are ten self penned numbers, plus one written by Brandon Turner who plays guitar, pedal steel, resonator and ukulele on the album and is one half of Angela’s backing band The Beguilers along with Jeff Hook, additional studio support comes from bassist Byron House who plays with Robert Plant’s Band of Joy, multi-instrumentalist Fats Kaplin and vocalists Fayssoux Starling McLeanand Hannah Miller who join for the album’s final track Anchored in Love written by James Rowe & James Vaughan.

Angela Easterling – 9 – Two Clouds

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AE wBand in background MAIN POSTER SHOT

Lauderdale – Moving On

Hotel Grant

I read about these guys over at Nine Bullets, Common Folk Music and No Deal Music all fine blogs whose recommendations I always take heed of , so when I spotted their album on a recent trip to Reviewshine I jumped the cursor straight over to the download button to get a copy, having already had a taster of the band through the tracks and videos posted elsewhere I already knew this was music that was right up Beat Surrender’ street, but still I was surprised at the quality of the album as a whole, rock solid start to end the albums as good an alt-country release as you’ll hear this year, the perfect amalgam of rock, country and Muscle Shoals magic topped of by having a perfect vocal outlet in Niles Lee, I’m sure this albums going to feature in a few end of year best of 2011 lists and is definitely one to seek out – buy / download at iTunes and CD Baby

Lauderdale – Broken Man

Lauderdale – Dressed Like The Devil

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Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray – Snake Oil Songs

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Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray work their music across an array of instruments including guitars, lap steel, banjo, mandolin, organ, glockenspiel, kick drum and harmonica, the duo spend most of their time on the road performing to audiences across the US, they’ve put out an EP to showcase their talents, as far as I can tell it’s a download only at the moment through Amazon and  iTunes, well worth taking a listen, they manage to pack a lot into the half dozen tracks with a genre bending selection box of tunes.

Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray – Snake Oil Songs – Baby Blue



The Mighty Ghosts – Aberdeen (Vertighost Recordings 2010)


Aberdeen is the sixth release from Portland based Mighty Ghosts (formerly The Mighty Ghosts of Heaven) an effortless roots-combo offering with plenty of twists and turns to keep the ear and brain engaged, the album started out as a project to collect together a range of traditional songs to create a storybook album, but morphed as the band added a bunch of their own compositions to plug the gaps in the storyline, the five piece are Aaron Shear (vocals, ukulele), Andy Sheie (vocals, guitar, fiddle, banjo), Gus Smith (vocals, guitar, percussion), Lucas Jones (upright bass) and Marni Afryl (drums).

Pick up the album on vinyl or CD from the bands website.

Mighty Ghosts – The Land of Milk & Honey

Mighty Ghosts band1

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